paula abdul live to dance 'American Idol': Paula Abdul has hopes for Jennifer Lopez, Steven TylerFormer “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul‘s sole advice to the new judges is to enjoy and appreciate the contestants.

“I just hope that they have as much fun as I did being able to be in the presence of budding and raw talent,” she tells Zap2it, saying she’s impressed with the new panel of Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and original judge Randy Jackson.

“They are seasoned veterans,” Abdul says. “They know what they are doing. I am a fan of the show. I was able to watch it objectively last season. I would fast-forward the commentary and watch the acts.”

As for last year’s show when Ellen DeGeneres took her place on the judging panel, Abdul says, “It was different.”

“It just was different coming off of the season after I left,” she says. “That was flamboyant and bold and daring with Adam Lambert, and the guy-next-door talented acoustic with Kris Allen. You had Danny Gokey, some really bold contestants. It was a different crop of talent last year, more musically sound, less about the stage but still ultimately talented.”

Abdul can’t handicap if either of the new judges will react as dramatically as she did when contestants reached new heights.

“I couldn’t help but show that I get very excited when I saw these talented contestants hit that unbelievable moment when magic happens,” she says.  “Sometimes it happens and sometimes it comes in waves and when they nailed it, there isn’t anything like it.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler