phillip phillips american idol top 4 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips on his racy Maroon 5 duet   'It is a sexy song'If you weren’t in love with Phillip Phillips before the “American Idol” Top 4 performance show, you probably are now. Between his slow, mournful version of Damien Rice’s “Volcano” and his duet with Joshua Ledet on Maroon 5’s “This Love,” Phillips made it hard not to fall deep into those baby blue eyes of his.

The Maroon 5 tune in particular has some sexy elements that are hard to ignore, and Phillips tells Zap2it that he was very aware of the racy lyrics when he sang them. “Oh yeah, I am big on words in a song so it’s definitely sexy so… I don’t know,” he says. “No comment. I plead the fifth.”

At least this time it didn’t feel like he and Ledet were singing to each other. “It is a sexy song,” he admits. “We didn’t feel like we were singing to each other, so that was a little better.”

Actually, Phillips says he had a great night in every performance. “Tonight I felt good. I had fun on the first one and I was so nervous I didn’t know what was going on. But I pushed through it and the second song I was just really into that,” he says. “I love Damien Rice. My duet with Josh was so much fun, so it was good.”

In fact, the duet was so good that the pair now has a bromance joint name coined by Ryan Seacrest: Jillip. “I think me and Heejun [Han] had one, me and Colton [Dixon], and now Josh.”

But don’t worry, Heelip/Philjun fans — Phillips admits where his heart lies truly: “With Heejun. We talk a couple times a week. We try to keep in touch as much as we can.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley