american idol season 12 top 10 results 'American Idol' Season 12 Top 10 results: Curtis Finch Jr., Janelle Arthur or Devin Velez, who went home?It’s our first finalists results show, “American Idol” fans. Where we all sit through an hour’s worth of filler for a tiny bit of news.

Headlining tonight’s filler are Phillip Phillips and Bon Jovi. It’s weird to have a group we worshiped as a kid performing on an “Idol” results show. Is this what it feels like for an older generation watching The Who perform the Super Bowl halftime?

Oh, and there’s the sing-off tonight for the last spot on the tour. While we don’t care so much about that, we are curious who the sixth man in was last week for each gender.

After a needless recap of last night with Iovine’s opinions interjected, we get some results. Devin Velez, Janelle Arthur and Candice Glover are made to stand, with Candice going to the Top 3. Uh, no kidding.

Now the Top 10 have to perform “The Shine” from “The Croods.” And arms in the air! What would an “Idol” rsults be without an “Up With People” group sing?

After the group sing, Kree Harrison‘s hometown mayor is there, he gives her the key to Woodville, Texas, which is rather adorable. She’s also in the Top 3, woo!

Bon Jovi is there for “Because We Can,” which is not the Bon Jovi we know and love. It’s so … easy listening. Blech. As the song goes on, it just gets worse and worse. This is awful. Oh, Bon Jovi.

Now it’s sing-off time. Turns out we were thisclose from having to endure Charlie Askew every week, dear lord. He performs an original song, “Sky Blue Diamond.” This is admittedly 1000x better than “Rocket Man” or that atrocity from last week. However, he still isn’t really ready as a vocalist for something like this. Needs some serious coaching/seasoning. The big high note is … yikes. Strong does not equal shouting, kiddo.

The female runner-up is Aubrey Cleland, who is definitely the right choice. In fact, she should be in the Top 10 over, well, pretty much any of the men. Her “Out Here On My Own” is gorgeous, she’s so talented. She’s actually better than Janelle, too.

If it’s based on talent, Aubrey just mopped the floor with Charlie. Hopefully the voters see that.

Phillip Phillips performs “Gone Gone Gone” and it’s considerably better than Janelle last night. Must be those extra gones. We weren’t always in love with Phillip last season, but he’s definitely better on original stuff than he was on covers. Sometimes he had a rather casual relationship with, you know, being on pitch and stuff. But this is good. It’s catchy.

Some more results — Angie Miller joins Candice and Kree in the Top 3, that’s fair. Amber Holcomb was also very strong, we bet she finished fourth — but nope, it turns out it was Lazaro Arbos. Wow.

Lazaro was one of the weakest vocals last night, that is really not right. Amber Holcomb is fifth, followed by Janelle Arthur, so the girls really did wipe the floor with the men. Seventh place is Burnell Taylor and eighth is Paul Jolley, which means the Bottom 2 are Curtis Finch and Devin Velez. We think Devin’s in a bit of trouble.

The judges can’t believe Curtis is in the bottom, but he was pretty boring last night. Nothing special. And then he’s in last place! Wow. That’s not right, Lazaro and Janelle were both weaker than Curtis.

However, the judges have to know they can’t use the save at this point. Remember Pia Toscano? They can’t blow their save early like that year. Anyway, Curtis sings “I Believe I Can Fly” for his save-me song, as the girls cry like he’s going to be taken outside the studio and shot or something. This isn’t the “Hunger Games,” kids. One of you has to go every week.

The judges choose not to use the save. Nicki is mad, but she should think a little farther ahead on that one. At least Randy knows what’s up. It’s hard to say how Mariah or Keith voted, but it has to be unanimous to use the save.

What do you think, voters?

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