the davids 'American Idol' Season 7: David Cook vs. David ArchuletaThe Season 10 premiere of“American Idol” is less than a week away and to make the days go by a bit faster, Zap2it decided to take a stroll down memory lane and re-evaluate the previous nine seasons.

Each day leading up to the premiere on Wednesday, Jan. 19, we will post a retrospective on each season. We’re breaking it down into four categories: Best Performance, Worst Performance, Most Underrated Idol and most Overrated Idol. At the end, we will decide how the season stacks up against the rest, rating it as great, good, or not-so-good.

We’ve looked back at Season 1 (yay Kelly!), Season 2 (aww, Clay and Ruben!), the black hole that was Season 3, one of our favorite Top 2 in Season 4, and Soul Patrol-ed Season 5. Yesterday, we took a look back at beatboxin Season 6 and now, it’s time to revisit The Battle of the Davids that was Season 7. 

Season 7 contestants in order of elimination:

David Hernandez
Amanda Overmyer
Ramiele Malubay
Michael Johns
Kristy Lee Cook
Carly Smithson
Brooke White
Jason Castro
Syesha Mercado
David Archuleta
David Cook (winner)

Best Performance: David Cook’s “Billie Jean”

Hands down, one of our favorite performances ever on “Idol,” “Bille Jean” made Cook the frontrunner to win the title. We always liked Cook throughout the audition rounds and Hollywood week, but we became his No. 1 fans after this performance. Simon Cowell called the performance “brave” and “amazing.” Understatement of the series, no? 

Worst Performance: Kristy Lee Cook’s “God Bless The USA”
Not only were the vocals weak, but we had a major problem with the song choice. It was such a ploy to get easy votes. What would it say if America voted off the girl who sang about America? Not cool, Kristy Lee. Not cool.

Most Underrated Idol: Jason Castro
OK, so maybe the dread-locked singer shouldn’t have made it to the Top Four, but there’s no denying his talent. His simple song choices and arrangements worked perfectly for his smooth voice and his performances “Hallelujah” and “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” were some of our favorite of the season. Viva the dreadlocks!

Most Overrated Idol: Brooke White
We really liked White from the beginning, but over time her performances became one-note and she became kind of boring. We don’t deny she is talented, but she stayed a bit longer than we would have liked. But hey, at least she’s really pretty.
How this season stacks up: Great
Season 7 was a joy to watch and a pleasure to listen to. The Final Two were both worthy of the title and provided a great finish. This may be our favorite season of “Idol” ever.
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