crystal bowersox american idol tour 320 'American Idol' Season 9 Tour: Crystal Bowersox says 'What's Up,' Los AngelesThe “American Idol” Season 9 tour came to Los Angeles Friday, Aug. 13 and we got ourselves a ticket. Not a hard thing to do, since the concert was nowhere near sold out.

However, the Top 10 still gave an energetic show. At this point in the tour, when shows have already been canceled for lack of ticket sales, the enthusiasm is commendable.

Much like the season itself, the concert featured much stronger female performances than male ones.

Didi Benami kicked it off and it’s actually kind of fortunate she went out first of the Top 10 because her “Terrified” was one of the best songs of the night.  At least the concert opened strong, which would not have been the case if Andrew Garcia, Tim Urban or Aaron Kelly had hit the stage first.

Crystal Bowersox was the evening’s penultimate soloist, but still manged to bring the house down. All four of her numbers — “What’s Up,” “Come to My
Window,” “Up to the Mountain” and “Piece of My Heart” — were spectacular. She hasn’t lost her stage presence, was having fun and the audience responded accordingly. But why no “Me and Bobby McGee”?

And, yes, Siobhan Magnus‘ “Paint it Black” was suitably melt-your-face-off
with her patented shrieks, especially since she got to do the whole
number and not just the 90-second “Idol” version.

Not that “Idol” the men were totally devoid of good performances.

Second runner-up, Casey James, had the best night outside of Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. He did “Don’t” from Shania Twain week and “It’s All Over Now” from Stones week, plus “I Got Mine” by The Black Keys. James recently signed with the Sony Nashville label and country should be a great career path for him. Away from the pressures of a “singing” competition, it was nice to see him free to wail on his guitar.

Winner Dewyze concluded the evening’s solo performances and he had a decent set, but it was a bit anticlimactic after Bowersox. The energy of audience seemed to deflate. However, his “Rocket Man,” “Use Somebody” and “Treat Her Like a Lady” were all solid, and his “Hallelujah” was once again beautiful.

And those holding out hope to see Bowersox and DeWzye perform their “Falling Slowly” duet live were in for a disappointment

Instead, the “Idol” guys started out on “It’s My Life,” complete with cheesy choreography. The girls came in on “My Life Would Suck Without You,” and that got better, but it wasn’t a strong way to end the show — which might just be a metaphor for the season as a whole.

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