skylar laine eliminated american idol 'American Idol': Skylar Laine 'not surprised' by her eliminationSkylar Laine took a very zen approach to her “American Idol” performance this week, telling Zap2it twice before her eventual elimination on the Top 5 results show that she tried her best but was expecting the worst. It must have worked, because when she finally enters the backstage press area to talk to reporters after the show, she seems very relaxed about her exit.

“I’m really not surprised, because you can’t be,” she admits to Zap2it. “At all. You never know what’s going to happen from week to week, seeing by the weird results this whole past season. I’m just relieved right now. No more stress.”

There’s certainly a lot less preparation involved in the week-long press tour she’s about to embark on. “There’s no pressure anymore; there’s no pressure about songs next week,” she says. “I’m sad, but I just want to go home! I want to go home to my family, my friends.”

Ever the country girl, Laine already planned out her first post-“Idol” activity: “I wanna go mud ridin’ — that’s the first thing I’m gonna do.”

Laine says she doesn’t think she would have done anything differently throughout the competition and is pleased with all the choices she made. “I don’t have any regrets from this whole experience. I’ve shown what kind of artist I want to be, I’ve shown who I am, and I know what kind of album I want to make in the future if I get the chance.”

Besides, it’s not like she was kicked off after a disastrous performance. The judges praised both her ’60s tune and her British song during the Top 5 performance show. “I went out on a good note. I loved both the songs,” she says. “I think I did good on both the songs, and I’m very happy with both my performances.”

Laine won’t reveal who she thinks will win — “It’s anybody’s game at this point,” she says — a sentiment she says she mentioned onstage to roommate Hollie Cavanagh when it was revealed they were both in the bottom two. “I told her, ‘I think you’re going to be surprised.’ She thought she was going to go home. She was in the same place twice before and she thought it was her time to go home, and I just looked hat her, because I had said when I was off stage ‘Lord, let Your will be done.’ And when I got up there I was like ‘I think you’re going to be surprised.'”

What words of advice did the judges have for Laine after the show? “Jennifer [Lopez] didn’t say much to me at the end, she just said ‘I’ll see you later,’ but then Steven [Tyler] — Steven’s a fan of mine, I really love Steven — [he] and Randy [Jackson] both told me I’m going to have a long career hopefully. And what’s really awesome is that I heard Carrie Underwood said to someone that the country community’s already welcomed me with open arms, and that means a lot to me.”

She continues: “I’m just ready to go into country music, y’all!”

Posted by:Jean Bentley