stefano langone closer 'American Idol': Stefano Langone 'Closer' to Ne Yo, further from the finale?

Ignoring for a moment his disturbing misuse of suspenders, are we alone in thinking that Stefano Langone‘s performance for “21st Century” week on “American Idol” was… off-putting?

Singing Ne-Yo‘s hit “Closer,” Langone kicked off his performance with a dramatic turn and crazy eyes at the camera. It got even more forced from there, spending the song seemingly focused less on singing and more on his mom-at-a-wedding dance moves.

We can’t fault him for a lack of energy. He bounced all around that stage — something Jennifer Lopez likened to a concert. In fact, all of the judges were positive about the performance.

Langone is one of the last finalists we expected to see go this far in the competition, and every week he sweats it out in the bottom three, we think he’ll get the boot. But here he is, just a few weeks shy of the finale. Are we missing something?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell