american idol top 10 contestants interview season 12 fox 'American Idol': The top 10 contestants share their thoughts on the first performances

After weeks and months of auditions and hoops to jump through, the “American Idol” Season 12 top 10 singers have finally begun the live competition phase of the show. The first songs have been sung, and the first eliminations are coming up fast.

But what did the singers themselves have to say about the competition so far? Who is worried about going home and who is just along for the ride? We talked to all 10 of the contestants to get their thoughts on what it’s like at the beginning of the real “Idol” competition.

How do the contestants feel after their first performances?

  • Amber Holcomb: “This just put me on cloud infinity!”
  • Candice Glover: “When I walked off-stage, I was on Cloud Nine, I didn’t know what to say to anybody.”
  • Devin Velez: “I’m pretty calm. I’m a little… not upset. But it’s the first night that I’ve gotten negative critiques from the judges.”
  • Janelle Arthur: “I felt great. I didn’t feel like it was my best vocal, by any means.”
  • Kree Harrison: “I was terrified, honestly.”
  • Lazaro Arbos: “I feel… I guess… Good. Also, not.”

How about the judges’ comments (of various sorts)?

  • Amber: “I’ve been waiting to wear pink lipstick — I’ve just been waiting to hear it from her.”
  • Angie Miller: “All the comments from the judges, every time they speak and say things like that, every time is like the first time.”
  • Burnell Taylor: “The fact that I’m actually having conversations with them… it’s just so overwhelming.”
  • Janelle: “I’m on medication… I was trying to talk to Keith, and it was like my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth.”
  • Kree: “Again, the judges are rooting for me. I don’t know what I’ve done, but I’m glad I did it.” (And, referring to Nicki Minaj’s waffle commentary) “Whatever she says, it never surprises me… Any sort of flattery — whether it’s being compared to a syrup — I will take it.”
  • Lazaro: “I loved the song, and I loved what the song said, but I do agree with them — it wasn’t the best song for me.”
  • Paul Jolley: “I’m kinda glad she said that, because she’s commented on everybody else like that, but not me.” (referring to Nicki Minaj’s rather interesting comments about his sexy attractiveness that night)

What is the competition like between the various contestants?

  • Amber: “We’re all so supportive of each other.”
  • Candice: “Everybody is really supportive… Everybody before me was really phenomenal.”
  • Curtis Finch, Jr.: “Oh Candice Glover! Need I say anymore?… When somebody delivers chocolate ice cream to my ears, I just scoop it up and eat it.”
  • Paul: “We were all sitting there, watching the screen and cheering everyone on.”

What did they think about when choosing their songs?

  • Amber: “That song is a really happy song, and I am a really happy person to sing in the top 10.”
  • Burnell: “It’s really about paying homage to the people who paved the way for you.”

How do they feel about being on “American Idol”?

  • Angie: “I’m definitely in it to win it!… We’re here and doing what we **love.”
  • Janelle: “I don’t know what I’m like. I’m just happy to be here, that’s all I have to say.”
  • Kree: “Anyway, I get to go on tour!”
  • Paul: “This is like a dream job that everyone wants, and here I am living it.”

“American Idol” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown