american idol top 2 caleb jena press conference 'American Idol' Top 2 finalists Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson are still going to prom togetherWay back in the beginning of “American Idol” Season 13, now-Top 2 finalists Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson planned to go to Jena’s prom together. And although it will conflict with the post-“Idol” press tour both contestants must complete, producers are still arranging that the 17-year-old and her friend will be able to attend one of her teenage rites of passage.

“I think we’re working on it,” Irene tells Zap2it and a small group of reporters at a press conference with the Top 2 finalists. “Especially with me going to graduate — I think I do get to go walk with my class, which is really exciting for me, but then I think we also get to go to prom.”

Johnson is ready to escort his date — don’t worry, they’re just friends — but knows it’ll be a strange experience. “The whole prom thing is going to be really, really awesome and funny,” he says. (“Weird” is how Jena describes it, but sure, “funny” works too.) “[Jena’s classmates] are going to sit there and be like who is this a**hole? We haven’t really talked about it because we haven’t had time,” he says.

Producers are addressing the pair’s impending date on the show via a pre-taped package that will open the performance show Tuesday (May 20). “What’s really cool is that the producers of the show made this really cool package of us about us at prom,” Johnson says, “but it’s like a punk rock, rock and roll prom.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley