lee dewyze top3 idol 'American Idol' Top 3 Results Live: Lee Dewyze brings everyone to tearsZap2it’s weekly “Dispatches from Inside the ‘Idol’ Dome” brings
fanatics like you (and us) closer to all the action. What didn’t viewers
see on the TV broadcast? We got it covered.

Lee Dewyze‘s hometown visit footage had our entire section in tears and got a standing ovation from Crystal Bowersox herself. What else happened off-camera?

Too many tweens!

  • So Travis Garland and Justin Bieber “performed live” on “American Idol.” Except Bieber taped his like two months ago and Garland actually taped his before the show aired tonight. Bieber went so far as to tweet, “Performing on AMERICAN IDOL 2nite,” which we suppose is technically true…
  • From the way the in-studio girls were screaming throughout the videos of the performances, though, you would swear the two boys were there live.
  • The best part of either performance was watching the background. Both singers have very talented male backup dancers and Garland has the extra added bonus of some “Stomp”-like drummers doing their thang on some metal tubes and drums. They were excellent.

Happy Birthday … who?

  • The “Idol” crew wished Mike Darnell a happy 48th birthday before the show started. We know … who? He’s the President of Alternative Entertainment for FOX. Seacrest described him as “the man who hired all of us.”
  • Interestingly, when they brought out a cake FILLED with candles (uh, fire hazard in a crowded theater. Just sayin’) all of the Top 12 Idols and all the judges plus Ryan were there, it was one big happy family … except for Simon Cowell. Where was Simon? Apparently he cannot be bothered to join the festivities. Maybe he cannot abide mass crowds being forced to sing “Happy Birthday.” To borrow a Simon-ism, it was “ghastly.”
  • Seacrest did get on the microphone and go, “Where’s Simon? He’s painting his shirt on.” Hee!

Celebs in the hizzouse

  • Perez Hilton was on-hand because his little “discovery” Travis Garland was performing. Hilton has lost a lot of weight recently, so as one reporter sitting near us observed, “He’s a d*****nozzle, but he’s a skinny d*****nozzle.”
  • The judges were all up in Perez’s grill during every commercial break, which is unusual because they usually dart backstage. Was that because they like him so much? Or were they forced to do it?
  • All of the “Idol” finalists were there and when they introduced the Top 3, Siobhan and Didi were the first two leaping out of their chairs, clapping and whistling. The others stood, but probably because they knew they’d look like sore castoffs if they didn’t.
  • Poor Big Mike. The chairs in the studio are really small. He could not sit still and Lacey and Andrew, who were on either side of him, were leaning very far away from him so as to afford him the widest berth possible. Put that man on the aisle next time!


  • Debbie the Stage Manager needed the violin section to move and when she told them to get outta there, she said, “You’re still my Facebook friends.”  She then turned to the audience and said, “I used the violins to beat my daughter,” which struck us as really funny because she meant she used them to get more friends on Facebook than her daughter, but it’s such a great mental image when taken literally.
  • Lee’s hometown visit montage had everyone around us crying, even the grown man who was at “Idol” clearly because his young daughters love it and seemed very bored. But the father-son thing from Lee’s montage even got him a lil’ misty. And when Lee was talking to Ryan afterward and was so overcome with emotion, Crystal stood up and applauded him.
  • When Crystal was announced as the second finalist, she ran over to Lee and they had a big, twirling hug where she lifted right off the ground. That was nice.

Following the broadcast, there was a special pre-tape for next week — the Coin Toss of Dooooom. Who won and did he/she choose to go first or second?

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