jessica meuse eliminated american idol top 4 'American Idol' Top 4 finisher Jessica Meuse really wants to be on 'Supernatural'Alabama singer Jessica Meuse might’ve gone home in fourth place of “American Idol” Season 13, but she has some pretty big plans. Once she’s finished with the finale and the summer tour, she’s going to record an album — or maybe become a makeup artist, or a fashion designer, or a tattoo artist, or an actor.

“I literally want to do everything,” she tells Zap2it and a small group of reporters backstage after her elimination. “I have a list that just goes on and on.”

For example: “My plan is I’m going to build a studio. I’m going to make my CD. I’m going to write and collaborate with people. I’m trying to get into a little bit of acting,” she says. “Like, I really want to be on ‘Supernatural’ so bad. I am so unhealthily obsessed with that show that I just want to be in one episode, I don’t care if it’s a 10-second spot. I will just stand there in the background and be like, ‘Look! That’s me!’

“I want to do fashion. I want to do makeup and everything, because I do like makeup. I like art. I don’t know if there’s any profession I can do along tattoo designs or anything because I’d get into that. I want to get into production and everything behind the scenes in music.”

So even though her “Idol” journey is over, Meuse has plenty of plans in the works. Plus, she’s grateful for all the friendships she’s made during her time. “I met a lot of really cool people,” she says, both onstage and off — and even at the hotel where the contestants have been staying.

“I got to meet Wynona Judd, and she was so nice to me. I love that woman. My respect just went even higher than it already was for her after I met her and she talked to me. She was like ‘Come here honey, take a picture with me! She actually took the time out of her day to ask me ‘Oh you’re a musician too?’ and tell me good luck and everything. She’s one of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever met.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley