american idol top 5 british week 'American Idol' Top 5 talk British Week and Hollie Cavanagh's heritageIt’s only natural that the spotlight will be on 18-year-old Hollie Cavanagh during “American Idol” Top 5 British week, considering the Liverpool native lived in the U.K. until she moved to Texas as a pre-teen. But Cavanagh tells Zap2it before the show that this week doesn’t feel any different than the others.

“Everyone’s like ‘Oh, this is your week, Hollie! British week!’ And I’m like ‘It doesn’t really mean anything!’ It just means that I was born there. I mean, I have a good song,” she says. “I love my song.”

But while people will be looking to Cavanagh to set the tone, country girl Skylar Laine has yet another week outside of her comfort zone. “Is it ever what you think of when you think of country music? They’ve been throwing all kinds of curve balls,” she says of the theme. “Where’s the country week?!”

Phillip Phillips says it was difficult to choose a song, because they had to select a tune-from a list of pre-approved tracks. “We had a list we had to choose from for the songs, and I had to narrow
them down. There’s a lot of songs I would’ve liked to have chosen but we
had a list,” he explains.

The task also proved difficult for Joshua Ledet, who says he learned his song last-minute. “I definitely didn’t know a lot of the songs on the list, and I did not
know the song that I chose. I literally learned it in five minutes and
sang it in the mentor session, so that was kind of tough. But it was
fun — so much fun. I think I changed it up a lot and I think it
turned out pretty good.”

So, what can we expect from the Top 5? Laine says she’s singing “one rocking song and one ballad.”

Ledet promises, “You can expect some old school, and a song that everyone pretty much
knows and loves. I’ve been rocking out to it. I think you’re going to be
boogieing by the end of the night.”

Cavanagh is mostly concerned with getting the crowd into her performance, something judge Jennifer Lopez has harped on for the past few weeks. “I hope they see more of a performance side for me. That’s the thing I’m really, really pushing for this week. To me, I’m having fun, but I want other people to see that. I want people to get up and start dancing with me or crying with me.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley