american idol amber angie kree candice top 6 fox 'American Idol' Top 6: What did the other singers say about Candice Glover's performance?

Right at the end of the “American Idol” Top 6 performance show, Candice Glover blew everyone away with her rendition of “Lovesong.” What did her competitors have to say about this amazing performance? We asked them all afterwards and were happy to learn that most were just plain in awe of Candice’s shining moment.

Although most competition-show singers who dare to approach Adele (whose version of The Cure song Candice sang), this was different. Candice Glover took the night and possibly the whole season with that one tune. And everyone had to take notice.

Want to know what Candice had to say about the night? Check out our interview with the “Idol” singer here.

Amber Holcomb, who had a pretty incredible night of her own on Wednesday (April 10), wasn’t even jealous of Candice’s success. “We’re two different ladies,” Amber said. “It was her night, so I’m happy for her.”

Kree Harrison and Angie Miller both described how emotional everyone got backstage when they heard Candice’s song. “I just cried,” Kree said. “We were all standing in the back room crying and screaming.” Angie confirmed this, saying “Oh my gosh, it was amazing. She just killed it.”

Angie for one wasn’t at all surprised that Candice did well. “We all knew that this was going to happen,” she said. We were like, ‘Candice, tonight is your night, girl! You are going to kill it.’ And she did.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown