When it’s time to say goodbye, there’s no better opportunity to go for it and steal a kiss. Burnell Taylor obviously felt this way after his elimination from the “American Idol” top 7 was announced. While singing for a shot at a save, Burnell took a moment to plant a kiss on fellow contestant Amber Holcomb.

Unfortunately, the cameras didn’t catch the bittersweet moment for the fans at home.

As Burnell revealed during a production package during the Top 7 performances on Wednesday (April 3), the singer from New Orleans has a bit of a crush on fellow singer Amber. Burnell elaborated — a little bit — on this after the show in an interview, saying “I don’t want people to think it’s a crush, because I feel like a crush only involves one person.”

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Based on her reaction to Burnell’s elimination, Amber is definitely involved in this non-crush. She was visibly crying when Burnell approached his fellow singers while performing that final number. Just before he turned back to the judges, Burnell took a moment from his song to kiss Amber on the cheek.

Both brief and sweet, it’s unfortunate that the camera turned away right at that moment.

The remaining singers usually display some emotion at an elimination, but Burnell’s brought more tears than average. Candice Glover, who has said that Burnell is like her brother, was visibly distressed. Amber, meanwhile, showed just as many tears and accepted an awful lot of hugs from the other competitors.

What could follow up this kiss? Since Burnell is on his way home, we may have to wait for the “American Idol” tour this summer to see what happens next.

Posted by:Laurel Brown