Even a live show like “American Idol” can’t show absolutely everything interesting in the broadcast. That’s one of the reasons why it can be fun to watch the taping live sometimes. Zap2It was on the scene for the Top 7 performances of Season 12, and we collected 10 things you missed from the “Idol” theater.

1. During her video package, Kree Harrison had to stand in front of the giant screen for all of the jokes. This was moments before she sang Janis Joplin live.

2. Two of the singers — Kree and Candice — had the entire audience giving a standing ovation before they even finished singing. It’s possible that Amber Holcomb would have gotten a preemptive ovation too, but you got the impression people didn’t want to miss even one second of the singing.

3. Ryan Seacrest completely disappears from the “Idol” stage during the singing and the judges’ commentary. Then, he magically appears from an invisible door (to one side of the big screen) right when the fourth judge starts to talk. Seriously — he comes out of nowhere!

4. During the commercial breaks, hair and makeup people descend upon the judges’ table. Mariah Carey even has a guy whose job it is to fan her!

5. When Candice and Burnell were performing their duet of “The Letter,” Keith Urban was enjoying himself. The judge spent the entire song rocking out in his seat.

6. It was Ryan who brought Janelle‘s sparkly boots out to Nicki Minaj during the commercial break. She wore them for the rest of the show.

7. Before they performed, the trio of Amber, Janelle and Kree had to stand in the crowd next to the stage for an entire commercial break.

8. One of the most adorable parts of the night occurred during a commercial when Keith Urban’s young daughter came to the stage to visit with her daddy. After she talked to all of the other judges, the little girl (maybe 5 or 6?) spent the rest of her time in Keith’s chair or getting hugs.

9. When Angie Miller performed her solo, the fake smoke was so thick that the stage-side standing audience members almost disappeared.

10. A couple in the “Idol” audience won a “big” prize for the achievement of 60 years together — free subs from Jersey Mike’s.

Posted by:Laurel Brown