american idol top 7 results jessica meuse dexter roberts 'American Idol' Top 7 results: Jessica Meuse or Dexter Roberts, who went home?“American Idol” Top 7 week was a much better showing for the contestants, who all sang songs chosen by each other, than the second shot at Top 8 week. But even though their performances were among their best of the competition, Jessica Meuse and Dexter Roberts received the fewest votes. Who went home?

Let’s start from the beginning: With an assist from Kevin Bacon, who took over for Ryan Seacrest in the show opening, the show got off to the usual start, with a recap of the Idols’ totally not-at-all-staged post-show dinner together.

After the first commercial came the week’s Ford commercial, with a lovely Mustang commercial shot in the Hollywood Hills. Er, sorry, not a “commercial,” a photo shoot or some other phrase they’re using instead of calling it what it is, which is a commercial.

The first group of contestants called up for their results included Dexter, Alex, and Jena, with Dexter sent to the stools and the other two sent to safety. The remaining four went up after the next commercial, and Dexter, CJ and Sam went to safety while Jessica joined Dexter on the stools.

Ultimately, the lowest vote-getter was Dexter, who went out with an emotional but still composed version of “Lucky Man.” 

Posted by:Jean Bentley