Beatles Week was a tough one for many of the Top 9 singers on “American Idol” Season 12. But it didn’t seem like Angie Miller had any problems when she took on “Yesterday.” We talked to Angie after the performance — and we learned a few surprises in the process.

How do you feel?

Angie Miller: I feel so good. I really do. Every time, it’s still like a shock to hear good things from the judges.


Angie Miller: ‘Cause it’s them. And it’s them! Like, everything they’ve done, and the chance that I get to sing in front of them. It’s just… Every week, I’m reminded of how awesome it is.

So you were voted the next American Idol in high school…

Angie Miller: Isn’t that weird?

Has anyone reacted to that? Has anyone from your high school said anything to you?

Angie Miller: I told a few of them when I graduated in May that I was going to audition for “American Idol,” and they were like, “That’s so cool! And now you won this thing, and it will come true!” And now that I’ve made it this far, I’m sure that they’re back at home like, “Oh my gosh! What if it really happens?” It’s so cool.

You sang “Yesterday,” which is one of the most familiar Beatles songs out there…

Angie Miller: I didn’t know that.

It’s one of those songs that people are always singing and it always comes up. So how did you approach a song like that?

Angie Miller: Well, like I said, I didn’t know that it was so huge and that it was so popular. I thought that “Let It Be” and “Blackbird” and those were big. But I had no idea that “Yesterday” was up there with them. I really didn’t know it so well. So, going into it, I really had to learn the song. And I love that song. I love the form it’s in.

How did you feel performing tonight, knowing you were in the Top 3 last week?

Angie Miller: Really good. But at the same time, you never know what can happen. America might be like, “Oh, everybody’s voting for them, so I’ll vote for someone else.” You know what I mean? America, you never know with them.

Nicki commented on how you could do Disney tracks. Would you ever want to do something like that?

Angie Miller: I like theater… But not Disney. I do love theater. I did theater all growing up, like in high school I did musicals. I would love to be on Broadway or do musicals.

You’ve got a different look going on this week — how did that come about?

Angie Miller: I still like the whole edgy thing. I think the biggest difference this week would be my hair. It’s not curly, it’s more straight and edgy. I don’t know. I just like the edgy kind of look.

Does the straight hair make you feel different on the stage?

Angie Miller: No. Honestly, I like curly hair better. I do! I like curly hair better, but I still love the straight. It’s a good change. I want to keep having a surprise.

“American Idol” will air the Top 9 results on Thursday, March 21 at 8pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown