american idol caleb johnson mic drop recovery 'American Idol': What happened during Caleb Johnson's Top 6 rock song?About two-thirds of the way through “American Idol” Top 6 finalist Caleb Johnson’s rendition of the Black Crowes’ “Sting Me,” the camera caught him sliding to the back of the stage on his knees — turns out his microphone had flown out of its stand and rolled away, but he caught it just in time for his next line.

“For a millisecond I was like ‘Oh s***,'” he tells Zap2it and a small group of reporters backstage after the show. But after that split-second of panic, he knew he had to go with it. “So I grabbed [the mic] and went right back into the song. I was like ‘Thank you, Jesus.’ But it was so crazy in that moment when that thing just flew, it was an ‘Oh gosh’ moment. But it was really funny.”

The judges loved his improvisation so much that Jennifer Lopez gave him a standing ovation, saying, “That was some real rock and roll stuff right there.” Keith Urban praised it too, saying, “Your recovery of that was killer.”

“It was so scary,” Johnson admits. He didn’t have a backup plan for what he would’ve done if he hadn’t been able to snatch the mic back — perhaps an Ashlee Simpson-style jig? — but thankfully the drummer helped him out so he could recover. “I just grabbed it and went right back into it. I think the drummer extended his drum solo just a little bit to let me get it, but for a moment I was like ‘Whoa!'”

Tune in Thursday (April 24) to find out which “Idol” singers make the Top 5 for Season 13.

Posted by:Jean Bentley