michael lynche crystal bowersox 'American Idol's' Battle of the Sexes: What were the judges thinking?It’s no secret that “American Idol” thinks it’s time for a female winner. The judges started talking up the female contestants before the show even started airing.

Then we got to the Top 24, where the first week would almost make one think “Idol” purposely stacked the deck — there were many, many  talented women and the men’s first outing was largely disappointing.

By all appearances, “Idol” had created an easy pathway for the females to succeed in Season 9. And then the voting public took over. Once the genders were combined in the Top 12, a trio of female singers went home in the first three weeks (Lacey Brown, Paige Miles and Didi Benami). Suddenly, the odds have turned against the women, even if Crystal Bowersox seems to have already been crowned.

With the “Idol” dip in popularity ratings-wise, is it that the people who actually vote for the Idols has basically dwindled to younger girls and middle-aged older women? Therefore the cute guys with big eyes and nice smiles are succeeding, despite the performances they turn in week after week? It happened last year. Look how the gender balance of the Top 12 was when they didn’t split up the men and women in the semi-finals. It was 8 men, 4 women.

And it’s happening again this season, but on Wednesday (April 6) a male contestant finally ended up in the bottom spot. Is the pendulum finally swinging the other way, letting the females get at least perhaps a toe-hold in making the finals?

Except the judges chose to save Michael Lynche.

While we like Michael Lynche quite a bit, that was a risky move. The Bottom Three were Lynche, Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia. Don’t think their voting blocs won’t mobilize next week, while the females (all declared safe right off the bat) may find their voting blocs resting on their laurels because they feel like the girls are safe.

Don’t forget — next week we lose two Idols to make up for the save being used. What if the Bottom Two are Siobhan and Katie or, god forbid, Siobhan and Crystal? What would happen if Siobhan and Crystal get the lowest number of votes next week? Would the “Idol” deus ex machina swoop in with some double-secret-save? Or would we be on our way to a Final Two comprised of Aaron Kelly and Tim
Urban and the complete implosion of the show we’ve known and loved for eight seasons?

Maybe the save of Michael Lynche is just the evil Machiavellian dealings of one Mr. Simon Cowell, trying to completely decimate “Idol” before he launches “The X Factor.”

Again, nothing against Michael Lynche, but we can’t help but wonder if, in a week’s time, we are all going to be really regretting that the judges chose to save him?

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