cook langone 'American Idol's' David Cook vs. Stefano Langone: Who performed 'Hello' best?First, it was Adam Lambert vs. Paul McDonald in the battle of old-school vs. new-school “American Idol.” The verdict in that one? 87% preferred Lambert’s take on “Tracks of my Tears.”

McDonald wasn’t the only “Idol” to tackle a song that had been performed on the show before. For Motown Week, Stefano Langone chose Stevie Wonder’s “Hello,” which Season 7 winner David Cook put his rock spin on during the Top 16.

Now, we don’t want to be that guy… but in this battle, the alum won… again.

Langone’s take on the classic song was probably his weakest performance yet. It was OK, but he brought nothing new to the song. It was a little lounge singer and despite promising to keep his eyes open, he didn’t. We agree with the judges saying there was no real emotion or connection in his performance. We think Jennifer Lopez said it best: “I don’t want the intensity to come from you wanting to do well. I want the intensity to come from because your heart is breaking.”

Cook’s “emo take” (Randy Jackson’s words) was a “brave risk” (Simon Cowell’s words)… which completely paid off. All three judges agreed that the song could be a hit today. We just think Cook had more of an emotional connection song and didn’t just see it on a song list like Stefano who had never heard the song before, you know?

Like McDonald, Langone had no idea the song had been performed on the show before. “I found out just before the performance that David Cook did it,” he told reporters after the show. “You just go in there and do what you can do and bring what you have and your element to the game.”

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