paul military 'American Idol's' Paul McDonald apologizes for wearing military garbSure, “American Idol” contestant Paul McDonald’s performance of Ryan Adam’s “Come Pick Me Up” got people talking, but it was his wardrobe that had people debating after the Top 13 show aired on Wednesday, Mar. 9.

McDonald wore the Marine Corps Dress Blues shirt during his performance, a move that unintentionally upset and angered a lot of people — including Marines. Some, however, saw it as a sign of support or just a simple fashion statement. Here are some of the comments from a post on McDonald’s performance:

From Proud Marine:
“The privilege to wear the Marine Corps Dress Blues Jacket is earned. For Paul to wear it as he did, was an insult.”
From Katie: “Paul meant no disrespect for the Marines. Military-like outfits have
been the norm for fashion for many years. Consider the Navy sailor suit
and Michael Jackson’s military jacket. Just enjoy the music and let it
soothe your troubled soul.”

From SCC:
“My family member was KIA in Iraq, he was buried in that jacket which is
the United States Marine Corps dress blues. This touches a very
emotional chord in hearts like mine, and I take offense.”

From Opinion 2:
“Many fashion designers use military uniforms as inspiration for their
designs. Does that mean they are disrespectful? Its ridiculous. Its
only an inspired coat, not the real thing anyways”

From Anonymous:
“IF you know anything about that blouse you know how symbolic it is. If
you take pride in being a Marine you would be offended. I sure as hell
am. I worked hard to get that blouse, I earned it.”

McDonald later took to his Twitter to apologize to anyone who felt disrespected by his wardrobe. “Just
to let everyone know I have nothing but respect for our men and women
in the armed forces,” he tweeted. “Tons of respect for you guys.

He continued, I’ve been told my jacket
on the show upset some folks … I wasn’t trying to offend anyone.
Sorry! I’ve got nothing but love for you guys!”

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