paul kate 'American Idol's' Paul McDonald on Kate Hudson: 'I want to marry her!'“This is Penny Lane, man. Show some respect.”

Penny Lane herself, Ms. Kate Hudson was in the “American Idol” audience on Mar. 16 for the Top 12 performance show. Accompanying the pregnant “Almost Famous” actress was her boyfriend Matt Bellamy, the lead singer of Muse, and her son Ryder. 

When we caught up with the Top 12 after their performances and asked what it was like to meet Hudson (who snacked on cheetos during the show), one contestant revealed he’s wanted to marry her since he first saw her in “Almost Famous”: Paul McDonald. So how did Paul feel about finally meeting the (fictional) girl of his dreams?

“Kate Hudson has been one of my all-time — when I first saw ‘Almost Famous’ I was like, ‘I want to marry you,'” he says. “It’s one of those things when she walked in and I was like, ‘Should I tell her that of just kind of chill?’ I just kind of hung out and met her.”

Before Muse fans start freaking out about Paul macking on Bellamy’s woman, he says, “It was cool meeting her [boyfriend Matt Bellamy]. I didn’t propose. I just kind of played it cool, told her I was a fan. It was cool meeting them, especially ‘Almost Famous’ being my favorite movie of all-time.”

So how did some of the other contestants feel about meeting Hudson? Pia Toscano said she was “so sweet,” Scotty McCreery said her son Ryder is a Yankees fan (because really, who isn’t?) and Haley Reinhart loved it because her favorite movie is also “Almost Famous.”

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