On April 6, we’ll finally find out what the gang from “American Pie” has been up to for the past decade when they reunite back in East Great Falls, Michigan for “American Reunion.”

We knew the whole crew would meet up 10 years after their fateful virginity pact for their high school reunion, but while the first trailer focused on the familiar gross-out gags, the second one gives us a little more insight into the movie’s plot.

The guys, now saddled with wives and kids and grown-up jobs, will reminisce about their glory days when Jim is invited to the 18th birthday bash of a cute girl he used to babysit. While we won’t even get into the creepiness factor involved in nearly 30-year-old men attending a high school party, we will say that this latest sequel seems to strike the right balance between gross-out and charming that made the first movie so successful.

Check out the new trailer and let us know what you think!

Posted by:Jean Bentley