d trix abdc mtv 'America's Best Dance Crew' does Rihanna: Judge D Trix teases Iconic Boyz improved performanceGoing into Thursday night’s episode of MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew,” we’ve seen four crews hit the road, leaving six to power through the upcoming challenge where they will take on songs by Super Star Rihanna.

This week, the crews will have a little help from Ri-Ri’s personal choreographer, Tanisha Scott, who will teach the dancers a few moves that they must then work into their routines.

]]>Zap2it caught up with rookie judge D-Trix to dish on his opinions so far and what we can expect from the pint sized Iconic Boyz after his poorly received review of their last performance. “People are really showing why they should be America’s Best Dance Crew and it’s so crazy because every week we never know who the bottom two are going to be,” he says. “I think that’s a fun part of it, anybody could be in the bottom two.” As for who he thinks will go all the way in the competition — it’s still too soon to tell. “It’s so hard because every week there’s so many good crews, there’s so many good things about every crew that I really don’t know at this point,” D-Trix explains. “It changes for me every week. We always have a new favorite.” “I feel like whoever trained for this show, whoever did their homework before this show actually started — that’s what’s going to show later,” he adds. “People want to see growth. [This show] is all about growth and not showing your true, true potential until that point where you think, ‘Okay, this crew, there’s no way they have anything left’ — and then they do it again the next week and something crazier. Those are the crews that I think are going to stand out and stay longer in the competition.” D-Trix’s Twitter feed caught our eye recently, when he began re-tweeting negative comments directed at his judging on the April 28th episode, when ReQuest was ultimately sent packing. The newest judge took some heat for his harsh criticism of fan favorites, the Iconic Boyz. “I take any type of negative criticism and I use it for momentum. Basically I was reminding my followers that yeah, this is all the hate I got,” he explains. “The very last tweet after I posted all the hate, I pretty much wrote ‘You’ll thank me tomorrow.’ And I think after this week, after you guys see what Iconic Boyz did… that’s the reason why I did that.” Adding, “I think they’re such talented little kids, and I know they can do more than what they did the last episode. [I was] just basically saying, ‘You can take hate but it’s how you respond to it that builds character.’ It can either affect you, or you can actually use it in a positive type of momentum.” Suffice it to say we’re intrigued to see what the Boyz pull out this time around when they take on Ri-Ri’s hit, “Only Girl in the World.” Who will be the next crew to be sent home? Tune in Thursday at 10 PM to find out.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci