antonio-restivo.JPGAntonio Restivo, AscenDance, Michael Grimm and Alice Tan Ridley advance on “America’s Got Talent.” So the voters got it half right.

After a video recap of last night’s show, Nick Cannon gets to some results. He invites the Mona Sampath Dance Company, AscenDance and Ronith down. Oh, bummer. Mona Sampath is going home, I fear. And then yes, it is AscenDance that advances. At least they got through, they were very good.

Now we have a performance from a Cirque du Soleil group and it’s awesome. That is something I’d like to do — get to Las Vegas and see Cirque du Soleil. Wow.

The next trio of acts is Cheer SF, Alice Tan Ridley and Iron Horse, so of course Alice Tan Ridley gets through. Hmm. I don’t agree with that and think the Bollywood dancers were better than she was, but she’s got a sad story and that’s how this show goes.

Michael Grimm, Lil Chris and the Strong Man are next. Obviously Michael Grimm is advancing. Is there any suspense tonight at all?

I mean, the last trio is Wreckless, Hannibal and Antonio Restivo. It’s going to come down to Wreckless and Antonio and the judges are going to pick Antonio, I’m just sure of it.

But first — that Train song that you cannot get out of your head no matter how hard you try. I imagine the halls of the looney bin echo with the refrain of “He-ey. He-ey-ey-ey-ey. He-ey-ey-ey-ey. Tonight.”

The Train guy then says that to stay on top, you have to “stay true to yourself” but also  “compromise.” Huh. Okey dokey.

And sure enough, weird cool Hannibal Means is sent home first.

I love it when I’ve caught up with the live broadcast and can’t fast forward commercials. It’s so educational. Did you all see the singing seafood commercial for green tea? OMFG. Was the tea spiked with LSD? And then there’s the “buy a computer, get a Geek” commercial where the young kid wants the naughty librarian redheaded geek and it’s just a half-step away from “it puts the lotion on its skin.” Yikes.

So we’re back for the big dramatic judges vote. Howie votes Antonio, Piers shows he has a heart and follows it by voting for Wreckless and then Sharon puts through Antonio Restivo.

I’m okay with that. Antonio is more Vegas, though I do think with training that Wreckless could be amazing.

What did you think, gang? Agree with the four acts that advanced?

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credit: NBC

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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