landau silhouettes agt finals 'America's Got Talent': Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. or Silhouettes, who won the whole thing?Who do you think takes the “America’s Got Talent” prize? If our poll is any indication, it’s going to be Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. We shall see.

There is some filler – Landau performs with Patti LaBelle, which is awesome. Super awesome. Man, that lady can still blow the roof off, huh?

Team iLuminate performs with Cobra Starship and that’s not quite as cool as Patti LaBelle. Sorry Cobra Starship. Call us when Grace Slick joins you and you change your name to Cobra Airplane.

Silhouettes performs in the background while LeAnn Rimes sings. That’s pretty great, I really like her voice, even if she’s gotten a little crazypants lately.

Randomly, Queen Latifah and Tony Bennett are on hand to sing together. Huh. I mean, it’s nice. but … huh. Also, I always forget how good of a singer Queen Latifah is.

POPLYFE gets to perform with Stevie Wonder, which is probably the coolest of the night. They do “Higher Ground” and I’m a big fan.

There is a super-freaky performance by the cast of “IRIS.” The ringmaster is scary, the tumbling is awesome – like scary awesome. Breathtakingly awesome.

Results time. The first act eliminated is … POPLYFE. Yeah, that’s a not a shock. They’re very fun, though, I wish them all the best.

The next group eliminated is … Team iLuminate! NO WAY! I am shocked. Wow. You know what I think hurt them? I think live this act is 10x better than it is on TV. What a bummer.

Jackie Evancho
is back with “Nessum Dorma.” She’s so great, love her. She looks so much older than she did just a year ago, crazy. When she’s a little older, I would travel anywhere in the country to watch her play Christine in “Phantom.” I know there are other greater opera roles, but I just love that musical.

OK, we’re finally down to the last few minutes. Is it Landau or Sihouettes? And then the winner is …  Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Well, color me stunned (and also happy!). He’s great, I in no way wanted him to lose by my recap title last night, I just thought for sure it was Silhouettes vs. iLuminate. Good for him.

What do you think, AGT fans? Happy with the outcome?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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