lys agnes landau eugene murphy agt 'America's Got Talent': Lys Agnes, POPLYFE, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. are stand outsFor the third quarterfinal group on “America’s Got Talent,” we have POPLYFE and Lys Agnes, who I am very much looking forward to, and Professor Splash and that Mauricio guy, who I am not so much looking forward to.

1. Summerwind Skippers

This is a neat act, but it doesn’t scream Vegas show to me. Their first live show is much better than what they’ve done before, but it’s still just a jump-rope act. It’s a very good jump-rope act, but … still. I do think these guys beat the hell out of every dance group on the show except maybe Miami All-Stars. They still might deserve to advance, though, based on how the other acts do. The judges are complimentary.

2. SH’Boss Boys

OK, it’s not even fair to critique these lil’ buggers because they’re so damn cute I want to kidnap them. I shall put them in the house where I keep Kaitlin Maher and Lil’ T. Anyway, tonight they have a school set and they rap while backed by “ABC” by the Jackson 5 and then some other song. They also have a bunch of little girls in pink and purple as their backup dancers. This should probably not advance talent-wise, but gosh, that was adorable and they’re so into it and not afraid at all. Awesome. Sharon says they have the cute factor, while Lil John (I think that’s his name) is even CUUUUUTER because his Rs haven’t dropped yet.

3. Mauricio Herrera

This guy scares me. Seriously, he is pure nightmare fuel. He’s like Latino Ed Helms playing a joke on all of us. I will admit, though, that he is more Vegas than either of the preceding two acts. His call for tonight is a Latin version of “Viva Las Vegas” backed by the Solid Gold Dancers. It’s pretty horrendous, the singing especially. But then he goes into “Delilah” by Tom Jones and by  now Sharon and Piers have buzzed him, but I hope Howie does not because this is too good of a trainwreck to buzz. Good lord. This is where this show should employ a gong or a hook or a trapdoor. Over a pit of sharks. Yikes. Howie says he likes the schmaltz and yeah, this guy could probably have a show in a lesser casino in Vegas, like Circus Circus or something.

4. Seth Grabel

Seth is one of the magicians and he seems like he could do something pretty awesome, if he doesn’t screw up. He plots a trick that seems quite dangerous, wherein he is put in a straitjacket, blindfolded and suspended over a vat. He struggles for awhile, drops into the vat and then “Seth” comes out of it and is “shot” out of a cannon, appearing on the other side of the stage in a water tank. I mean, obviously Seth dropped into the vat and then used our attention being on the fake Seth and the cannon to get into the water tank. It’s OK, but not that great of a trick because it’s easy to figure out how it was done. Howie says he has no idea how it was done – um, really? Sharon is complimentary. I expect Piers to tell it to him straight, but he is complimentary as well. I mean, the production value was great, but it wasn’t much of a “trick.”


This is one of my favorite acts and it’s sad the lead singer lost her voice a bit, I hope they do alright. For their song, they perform “Rolling in the Deep,” which is a great piece for this girl’s voice, plus the guys get to show off their instruments. The singer gets a little lost going into the chorus, but once she starts the chorus it’s better. You can tell, though, that she’s not at 100% because the high notes are not there. That is too bad. I hope they advance just ’cause I’d like to see them again. Howie and Sharon say best of the night so far, which – maybe. If she’d been at the top of her game, probably. But Summerwind Skippers has been the strongest so far, I think.

6. Ian Johnson

So, this guy is obviously a very good yo-yo trick doer. But this is way too small an act for this show and I think he got through as cannon fodder, honestly. His whole act is basically him on a pedastal doing yo-yo tricks while some people dance around. The coordination to the music is neat, but … zzzzz. Piers buzzes him and says in his comments that Ian made yo-yoing as exciting as he possibly could and it was still bloody boring. Yes.

7. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

Landau’s voice is so startling, it’s great. Tonight he sings “Fly Me to the Moon” and it’s fabulous. If you close your eyes, you’d swear it was a Rat Packer. Landau does need to work on his stage presence. He’s a little stiff. But his low notes are making me tingly. Oh! Then he twirls around and loosens up! That’s better. And the ending is spectacular. Howie and Sharon give him a standing O. For sure.

8. Purrfect Angelz

OK, first of all – the spelling of that name makes my nose bleed. Secondly, girls who look like this and dance like this are a dime a dozen in Las Vegas. They’re called “strippers.” And then the lead stripper says they’re all “besties” and I’m done. They are obviously good dancers, but they’re nothing special. They don’t even “sing,” like the Pussycat Dolls. Who would pay to see this? OK, I’ll admit – the rope bits are cool, especially the girl on the big rope in the middle. But this is like the Summerwind Skippers – just a dance act. Piers actually buzzes – or else something got out of hand and whapped the buzzer for him. *snicker* Howie says it’s “the best Hooters” he’s ever been to. Hee!  When they do a close-up on the girls after the comments, WHOA – did you see that one? She’s 40 if she’s a day and is that a wig?! Yikes. It’s called sunscreen, lady. Use it.

9. Monet

This 12-year-old sings “Home” by Diana Ross and – uh, what is happening? It starts off almost like she can’t hear her backing music because she is WAY out of tune. That’s too bad if it’s a sound mishap, but it also starts off too low for her. They probably took it down so she could hit the high stuff, but then the low stuff suffers a lot. Honestly, this is not nearly as good as it should’ve been. Rough. She has a big ending, but I don’t know if that’s enough to put her in the Top 4. Monet then says after she’s done, “There’s no place like the next round.” Oh, gag me. If you were like half your age you could get away with that crap. No votes for you just for that, sweetie. Piers says this is probably as far as she’s going to go in the competition – yes. She’s a little “Toddlers and Tiaras,” no?

10. Captain and Maybelle

I’m not a huge fan of this act. Again – cannon fodder. These guys should be at the circus. Tonight, they have a domestic scene set up which leads to captain lifting up a frying pan by a hook in his tongue and swing it around, then Maybelle does it by a hook in her nose. Gross. Buzz them. Please. There are then eyelids involved and I can’t watch anymore. This is stupid. No one would pay to see this. People would wander by at the circus and watch for five minutes. Maybe.

11. Lys Agnes

I’m really surprised she is next-to-last instead of the big finale, her talent plus her really sad story plus her Barbie looks? She’s a shoo-in. When she starts, her stage set-up is awesome, from her outfit to her fountain to the big red rose and the picture frame. Beautiful. I don’t know the name of this song, but I recognize it – she seems to sing the hell out of it and her stage presence is great, with all the cute looks and the attitude. Loved it. Can’t believe that wasn’t the ending. Piers says it didn’t knock him out. Really? Opera doesn’t have to be some swooping ballad – I felt moved. Sharon disagrees with Piers, she says Lys told the story of the song.

12. Professor Splash

PS is last
because they have to go outside, but that’s a bummer because I hate this act. It’s dumb. It’s another circus sideshow act and I don’t think there’s any way he will advance. Piers says it’s the most incredible act he’s ever seen in six seasons and he can’t wait to see what Professor Splash does tonight. Um, call me crazy, but I’m going to guess he jumps into a pool?

After the big jump, Piers says, “Sensational.” Really? Not for me.

So who advances? Lys Agnes, Landau Eugene Murphy for sure. The other two? I’m hoping POPLYFE and the Summerwind Skippers, but Seth Grabel could sneak in there. What do you think, “AGT” fans?

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