anna graceman americas got talent 'America's Got Talent' names Top 48 quarterfinalistsWhen we last left “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday night, the judges had put through 30 or so acts from their Favorites category. Now it’s the Stand-By acts turns to show their stuff and hopefully get one of the last 20 spots.

The Magicians are up first with a guy who looks like Ron Jeremy trying to twirl a staff and continually dropping it. How did he get through? A snake charmer magician’s trick isn’t quite ready in time. But Landon Swank finally nails it with a cool levitation trick. Seth Grabel tries to follow with a very elaborate show full of many tricks and it’s pretty neat, except for one mishap. He could maybe still go through.

The Kids category, which is probably just going to kill me dead, is Lil T the dancing 6-year-old. He’s cute, but it’s all the same stuff he did in his audition. Avery and the Calico Hearts are next. They are adorable and talented, but like Howie said – they could be called Alvin and the Chipmunks instead. Anna Graceman absolutely kills her Vegas performance on Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” She’s so great, can you imagine her in a few years? Good god.

The Danger acts include a pretty cool fire-eating act, the kid fire dancer and the Russian barre act, which is just ridiculously good. The Smage Brothers Riding Show have much better tricks than the Yellow Design guys from last night.

The Dance category features some good large groups, but nothing that really gives me pause in a “wow” way. Piers and Howie like the biker chick stripper act. Sam Beat is the only singular dancer and can we stop pretending he should even be here? I’m sure he’s a riot at parties, but c’mon.

The Novelty acts feature a funny guy who thinks none of them are advancing. Haha. Also Leonid the Magnificent, who is kind of a male showgirl. He does a partner dance act, which – why is he a novelty and not a dance act? Also, this is terrible. There’s a pretty funny and talented juggler, who is also the guy that commented none of them were going through. He wins my vote. There is a muscle man stripper thing, yikes. Then a yo-yo guy, which is cool but not for Vegas. It’s too small. Finally we have the weirdo old men Meet Me at Fairfax and 3rd, which I will agree – is kind of hilarious. But they’re time to go has probably come. This time around, the one guy plays … something unrecognizable while the other old dude eats a banana, takes off his shoes, stands on his head and then misses a phone call. Oh my god, did David Lynch put them up to this?

The final category is the Male Singers group. Dylan Andre goes with “Simple Man” and it’s an interesting interpretation. Mauricio is back and I’m with Piers – “horrendous.” Get the hook. He shrieks his way through “Strangers in the Night” and “Stayin’ Alive.” Whatever. But we get to cleanse our palates with Daniel Joseph Baker, whose “Bad Romance” was a very cool audition. For Vegas, he does “Speechless” and it’s OK, though he does a weird foot thing. I hope he knows more than just Gaga, but I hope he advances so we can find out.  

Elimination Station
. The judges send the kid fire dancer and the adult fire-eater home; they put through the Russian barre act and the Smage Bros. Riding Show; they put through Avery and the Claico Hearts and the three little boys who rap; they send Lil’ T and two ballroom dancers home; they advance Anna Graceman and the African-American girl who also sings whose name I don’t know; Landon Swank and Seth Grabel both advance; the weird old men and the muscle man stripper are sent home; the yo-yo act and the funny juggler advance; Leonid the Magnificent is sent home and he’s SUPER classy on the way out; Sam Beat goes through; two large dance acts (including stripper biker chicks) are sent through; two singers are sent home; Dylan Andre and some other dude are sent through and then so are Mauricio and Daniel Joseph Baker.

OK, clearly Mauricio is cannon fodder right?

So the Top 48 acts are:

Anna Graceman – Juneau, Alaska (singer/pianist)

Dance Crew – Tallahassee, Fla. (drilling dance crew)
Avery and the Calico Hearts – Lubbock, Texas (singing trio)
Captain & Maybelle – Atlanta, Ga. (variety act)
Charles Peachock – Kent, Ohio (juggler)
Dani Shay – Orlando, Fla. (singer/guitarist)
Daniel Joseph Baker – Katy, Texas (singer/pianist)
Dezmond Meeks – Pineville, La. (singer/pianist)
Duo Aero – Saint Paul, Minn (trapeze duo)
Dylan Andre – Zieglerville, Pa. (singer/guitarist)
Echo of Animal Gardens – Lake Geneva, Wis. (animal act)
Fatally Unique – Rockford, Ill. (hip hop dance team)
Fearless Flores Family – Myakka City, Fla. (family daredevil act)
Frank Miles – Los Angeles, Calif. (variety act)
Geechy Guy – Las Vegas, Nev. (comedian)
Ian Johnson – Hebron, Ill. (yo-yo tricks)
J Chris Newberg – Los Angeles, Calif. (comic/musician)
Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. – Logan, W. V. (singer)
Landon Swank – Wasilla, Alaska (magician)
Lys Agn├Ęs – Denver, Colo. (singer)
Mauricio Herrera – Pomona, Calif. (singer/dancer)
Melissa Villasenor – Los Angeles, Calif. (impressionist)
Miami All Stars – Miami, Fla. (dance group)
Mona Lisa – Houston, Texas (twin singers/guitarist duo)
Monet – Charlotte, N. Car. (singer)
POPLYFE – Oakland, Calif. (teen band)
Professor Splash – Lakewood, Colo. (shallow water diver)
Purrfect Angelz – Los Angeles, Calif. (dance troupe)
Sam B. – Falls Church, Va. (dancer)
Sandou Trio Russian Bar – San Antonio, Texas (Russian bar trio)
Scott Alexander – Lancaster, Pa. (magician)
Seth Grabel – Los Angeles, Calif. (magician)
SH’Boss Boys – Atlanta, Ga. (young rap trio)
Silhouettes – Arvada, Colo. (interpretative dance)
Smage Bros. Riding Shows – Elkhorn, Wis. (motorcycle stunt show)
Snap Boogie – Boston, Mass. (dancer)
Squonk Opera – Pittsburgh, Pa. (band)
Steven Retchless – New York, N. Y. (pole dancer/aerialist)
Summerwind Skippers – Boise, Idaho (jump rope team)
Davis – Leesburg, Ga. (singer/guitarist)
Team iLuminate – New York, N.Y. (glow suit dancers)
The Fiddleheads – Dahlonega, Ga. (bluegrass band)
The Kinetic King – St. Paul, Minn. (variety act)
The Rhinestone Ropers – Jerome, Idaho (variety act)
Thomas John – Woodland Park, Colo. (variety act)
Those Funny Little People – Chicago, Ill. (variety act)
Yellow Designs Stunt Team – Monument, Colo. (BMX bike tricks)
Zuma Zuma – Las Vegas, Nevada (tumblers)

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