americas got talent season 9 semifinals blue journey acroarmy 'America's Got Talent' Season 9 semifinals: Blue Journey, AcroArmy win the nightTime for the second group of semifinalists on “America’s Got Talent” Season 9. The six acts already in the finals are Mike Super, Sons of Serendip, Emily West, Miguel Dakota, Mara Justin and David & Leeman. Which six acts will join them? Let’s find out.

1. Jonah Smith, singer

His choice of “Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic is fantastic. This is my favorite Jonah performance so far, I think he started off the night with a bang. He has such a nice tone to his voice and the song really lets him show off both the quieter aspect and the blow-the-roof off part of his range. Well done, sir.

2. Baila Conmigo, dance group

This group is so talented and I love the ripples they added in for this performance. I’m really not sure they’re going to advance, though. There’s almost too much going on with them, like the group is too large. Plus, it seems like they do the same thing every time. But the live audience is going bonkers, so maybe they’ll get through.

3. Jaycob Curlee, singer

This is a terrific bounce back from his quarterfinals performance. I wasn’t in love with that one. But this is terrific. He isn’t technically the best singer in the competition, but there’s just something about his voice that is really pleasing. However, he runs the risk with this performance of “Your Song” that people are bored. There are absolutely no bells or whistles with this one, it’s very stripped down. I like it, but will America?

4. Mat Franco, magician

It’s a close-up card trick that’s actually a trick involving dunking Mel’s phone into some water and then making it disappear and reappear in the audience inside a seat and the seat number matched the cards the other judges drew. Wow. I’m impressed.

5. AcroArmy, acrobat troupe

If a large-scale performance group gets through, I think it should be AcroArmy over Baila Conmigo. This is quite impressive. The dramatic music helps add a feel of tension to the piece as well, plus the stunts are breathtaking at times. It’s a perfect act to win this show.

At this point in the evening, I have to say, they really did a terrible job in splitting up the semifinalists. Last week, there were only four acts I thought deserved to advance altogether. But this week, I think four of the first five acts should advance. That’s crazy.

6. Kelli Glover, singer

I like Kelli’s voice a lot, but this week really missed the mark. Is she on “Star Search,” because this set, song and costume looks like it’s straight out of 1987. It feels really dated and it’s not a great song for her voice. It was just really boring. Sorry, Kelli. I think you blew it this week.

7. Wendy Liebman (wild card, Howard), comedian

I just don’t know what it is about comedians on this show, but I rarely find them funny at all. I find Wendy really grating and her jokes feel very stale. Eh. Moving on.

8. Blue Journey, ballet/video act

This act is so cool. I really thought Aerial Animation was on par with this, but it just isn’t. This is so creative and visually stunning. They really outdid themselves this week especially, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. It’s very telling that I didn’t type one word while it was going on. Really gorgeous. I do wonder how this looks live in the auditorium, but on TV, it looks great. Mel B. calls it “captivating,” which is exactly how I feel about it.

9. Emil and Dariel, cellists

I like these guys, but the act just doesn’t do it for me. They’re very talented cellists, but it’s kind of a boring act, no matter how much fire you shoot up in the background. I think it’s because the cello is a stationary instrument, as opposed to Nuttin but Stringz from a few years ago. Anyway, they do not have my vote, but I said that last time and they advanced then, so who knows?

10. Smoothini, magician

I was surprised this guy advanced last time and I will feel the same way if he advances this week. I just don’t find Smoothini polished enough for this show. He does some neat sleight of hand tricks, but they aren’t big enough for this kind of scale.

11. Christian Stoinev and Scooby, hand-balancing act

Love the music choice. This act should get through, but I also thought Andrey Moraru would advance too and he didn’t. However, this act has a cute dog and we all know how voters like cute dogs. It’s also just a really entertaining act. This week, honestly, the act did a little too much messing around with the whole “Top Gun” schtick and took too long to get to the meat of the act. But it will still advance easily. I hope for the finals there’s more oomph to the act and less messing around with the cutesy stuff. Also, what was with the magic “trick”? That didn’t really fly. Get back to basics, fella.

12. Quintavious Johnson, singer

Nice song choice, though the low stuff is just every so slightly too low for Quin. However, I think unless he came out and just completely blew it, he is going to advance, so it hardly matters. Luckily, he actually turns in a good performance so I don’t have to be outraged tomorrow night about a cute kid advancing when he doesn’t deserve to *coughMaraJustinecough*.

So, who should advance? The absolutes for me are Jonah Smith, Blue Journey, Mat Franco and AcroArmy. That leaves two slots that will probably go to Quintavious Johnson and Christian Stoinev/Scooby. Sorry, Jaycob Curlee, you just don’t make the cut. Neither do the cellists, though I would not be surprised if the voters put either of those acts through and someone else gets left out.

What do you think, “AGT” fans?

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