aerial-animation-americas-got-talent-NBC.jpgTime for the next group of 12 quarter-finalists vying for a spot in the Top 20 on “America’s Got Talent” Season 9. Who will rise to the top this week? Let’s find out!

1. Hart Dance Team, dance troupe

OK, honestly, if Jasmine Flowers can’t advance, then I don’t like these girls’ chances either. This is a solid effort and visually, I like the way they blend into their background. The spinning girl on the harness was a neat touch as well, but the energy just isn’t high enough. I also don’t think they’re as visually stunning and technically talented as the Jasmine Flowers, so I don’t think they’re going to be moving on.

2.  Loop Rawlins, wild west performer

So, I admire the show for advancing a unique act like Loop this far. This show really hasn’t seen anything like this before. However, the act is kind of boring. If it weren’t for the smoke and mirrors in the form of the fire, this would just be a guy all alone on stage whipping a rope around. I understand the difficulty of what he does, but that doesn’t mean it’s an exciting act. He certainly can’t sustain a Las Vegas show and I would be shocked if he goes through. Sorry Loop, you seem great and you’re very talented. But, you’re not getting through.

3. John and Andrew, salsa dancing duo

I confess, I love these guys. They’re super talented and they have a great message about being yourself and doing what you love and the haters can kick rocks. I hope they advance. One thing I do wish of them is that they did more lifts and tricks since with their upper-body strength that could be really cool, but I understand that salsa dancing really isn’t about that, so that’s not something we’re going to see.

4. Livy, Matt & Sammy, band

I like this group’s country sound, but I can barely hear the singer. Is something wrong with the sound levels or is that always how she sounds? I mean, if I didn’t know the words to “Fat Bottom Girls,” I would have absolutely no idea what she was singing. So without more oomph, there’s no way they advance. Not only are they not flashy enough, but the energy is way low and the sound was very blah.

5. Andrey Moraru, hand balancer

This is a very Vegas act, but the mellow music and nature backgrounds make me feel like we should all be lying on our yoga mats after a workout, listening to our breathing. I wish the act had a little more pizzazz. That being said, he’s incredible. The move where he spins on the one pedestal while balanced on just one hand? That was amazing. I would like to see more of him, but I also really liked Valo & Bobby last week and they didn’t advance, so my taste does not reflect the voters’ taste.

Howie is correct that Andrey is the best act of the night so far. As of now in the broadcast, only John & Andrew and Andrey Moraru are the acts that should advance.

6. Juan Carlos, rollerskating ‘dancer’

This is a joke, right? I’m sorry, no. Just no. Next.

7. Mara Justine, singer

This is another act where I can barely hear the singer. In this case, since I can hear her just fine when she gets to the chorus, it’s more the key of the sing being too low for her. The high stuff is nice, but this isn’t really the right song for her. She’s not a pop star. Listen to that big, throaty alto voice. She should be singing something that shows off her voice more, like “Evergreen” or “Rolling In the Deep.” Mara is very talented, but a teeny-bopper pop star she is not.

Howard is sort-of right when he says she can be more nuanced, but I disagree that she shouldn’t show off her big voice. She just needs to grow into her voice and figure out how to play around with levels and dynamics.

8. Aerial Animation, visual aerial act

This is super cool, I’m really digging it. The stuff on the ground with the partner changes things up a little from the aerial silk portion while still showing off some incredible stunts. The ending of the piece is a little abrupt, but overall, that was awesome. Best act so far tonight. Super creative.

9. Jaycob Curlee, singer

This kid was one of my favorite initial auditions, but this performance falls way, way flat. The song is so boring, so milquetoast. He doesn’t get to show off his vocal ability at all — it’s like all back-up singers. Terrible choice. Now, he’s got a nice story and he’s cute, so I would not be surprised if he advances, but I would not vote for Jaycob. Sorry, kiddo.

10. Mat Franco, magician

This card trick is pretty spiffy. The fire element was a nice touch and the extra added bonus of slipping a card into Howie’s pants was pretty awesome. I think this trick beats the heck out of the David & Leeman trick from last week.

11. Darik Santos, comedian

My feelings about the history of “AGT” comedians it that they’re not very good, the guy from last week, Dan Naturman, included. Darik does nothing to dispel my feelings. Sorry, nope.

12. Acte II, operatic duo

OK, I enjoy these women’s voices, but I’m not in love with the opera version of “I Will Always Love You.” Also, it gets to be too much when all the back-up singers join in. They could be helped from just singing at us without all the thundering accompaniment. However, they are gorgeous singers and I hope they advance. I’d like to see more.

Who advances? For me, it’s Aerial Animation, Acte II, Matt Franco, John & Andrew and Andrey Moraru. I like Mara Justine, but she’s not quite ready yet.

Who are your choices?

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