acroarmy americas got talent season 9 'America's Got Talent' Season 9 Top 48 group 3: AcroArmy and Sons of Serendip elevate the nightWe would say the Top 48 of “America’s Got Talent” has been a mixed bag. Group one seemed a lot stronger than group two, so how will group three measure up? Let’s find out.

1. Dragon House ‘The Agents,’ dancers

I wanted to like this, but the beginning was pretty shaky and then when the routine picked up a bit, it was too much — the lights, the music, it was taking focus away from the dancing, almost making it feel like an afterthought. I also agree with Howard Stern that they’re a bit repetitive. They might end up as one of the top acts of the night, but I’m not holding my breath.

2. Anna Clendening, singer

Interesting that she ditched the guitar and is in such a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” setting. I’m not digging it, honestly. She’s not a bad singer, but she’s not blowing my mind. I think this performance is forgettable and will therefore be forgotten by night’s end.

3. Cornell Bhangra, Bhangra performers

It feels like the night really stars with this performance. This is awesome. Will this win a million dollars and headline a show in Las Vegas? No. But it’s a lot of fun and I’d like to see them again. The audience plant thing was dumb, but the routine overall was really cool. Of course, I really liked Jasmine Flowers too, so who knows what acts will actually get votes.

4. Kieran and Finian Makepeace, duo

I like this act, but I’m not sure I love this act. They’re talented musicians and have decent voices in that Matchbox Nickelback Goo Goo Fighters way, but this was a very blah performance for me. The arrangement of “Lights” didn’t bother me the way it did Heidi Klum, but it also didn’t wow me. I’m also not sure this will appeal to voters, honestly.

5. Mike Super & Desmond, magic act

Um, this is irritating. I’m sorry, but no. I find Mike grating and the Desmond schtick is dumb. I’m with Howard that it’s unnecessary. I don’t want him to advance.

6. Adrian Romoff, pianist

This kid is very talented, but his schtick also kind of wears on me. I understand that he has to go up there and be all Mozart levels of crazy at the piano, but it kind of annoys me. I’m sure he’ll advance because he’s an adorable moppet who is very good at his chosen talent. But I’ve often said there should be an adults division and a kids division of this show and this does nothing to sway me of that opinion.

7. AcroArmy, acrobats

This is a very cool act. The use of “Once Upon a Dream” is an excellent touch and I love how the stunts are both technically good and also really graceful. That can be hard to pull off. I really love this and hope they advance.

8. Wendy Liebman, comedian

It’s interesting how established comedians can come be on this show, like Jim Meskimen last year and now Wendy this year. I’ve seen her do stuff for years. Anyway, much like most comedians on this show, she’s just not making me laugh. Sorry, nope.

9. Sons of Serendip, band

This group is kind of mesmerizing. I am seriously digging this version of “Wicked Game” and who doesn’t love a piano, cello and harp? They are just quietly really good at what they do, very professional, very polished. Elevated, compared to a lot of acts we see on “AGT.” Good show, guys. Gorgeous.

10. Blue Journey, shadow dancing

This is a neat act, but after the initial shadow girl, it took a bit to see what was happening on the floor. That made it hard. I also didn’t really “get” the story. It wasn’t as clear as it could have been, maybe? But the judges went nuts, with Heidi calling it “sophisticated.” I would say this is more something that seems sophisticated and really intellectual, but is actually lacking focus and depth. The dancing skills were cool and the technology was neat, so I want to see them come back. But when they do, I want a little more there there.

11. Christian Stoinev, hand balancer

This act is cute, but there’s too much down time between stunts. It drags at times. However, Scooby the dog is amazing. I think the combination of the cool tricks, the hot abs and the cute dog make this guy a shoo-in.

12. Paul Ieti, singer

One Direction is an interesting choice. Do their fans watch this show or does that skew too young? Either way, this guy is a soldier who can somewhat carry at tune, so he’s going to advance for sure. He’s not terrible, but he’s not great, you guys. He’s like Kevin Skinner, remember him? And that guy WON.

So who’s going to advance? I think Christian Stoinev and Scooby, Adrian Romoff and Paul Ieti are going to advance for sure because dogs, kids and soldiers always win. For me, the final two spots should go to AcroArmy and Sons of Serendip. However, I think Blue Journey could sneak in there in lieu of Sons of Serendip due to the judges’ response, honestly. So perhaps only one of my favorite acts will still be here after tomorrow night.

Who do you think should advance, “AGT” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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