stevie nicks americas got talent 'America's Got Talent': Stevie Nicks is 'For What It's Worth,' who advanced?Do you think we’ll have any surprises tonight on “America’s Got Talent”? I’m really only wondering who gets the last spot, Summerwind Skippers or Seth Grabel. I don’t think there’s much chance the first three advancing acts are anything but Lys, Landau and POPLYFE.

Added: Turns out there were some surprises. Hmph.

The first group brought down is Purrfect Angelz, Ian Johnson and Summerwind Skippers. Ooh, that’s a bit of a surprise. Did the Skippers make the Top 3 vote-getters? Cool, good for them. Except TWIST! Nobody is through. I thought for sure SWS would be in the Top 5 at least (the fourth and fifth get decided on by the judges and I thought at least SWS was one of the best five acts last night).

And now Stevie Nicks! I’m seriously all a-flutter, I love her. Her new song is “For What It’s Worth” and I loved it. I need to get her new album, I keep forgetting. I’ll post video as soon as it’s available. OH! And she announces that last year’s winner Michael Grimm is touring with her starting Aug. 9. Oh, that’s awesome. I would go see that, I must check to see if they are coming to my area.

The second group is POPLYFE and Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and nobody else. OK, surely they are both through, right? I hope so. And then they are, yay. How frigging cute was it that the kids all mobbed Landau?! I got a little teary-eyed, I love it that they are friends.

The third group has Mauricio Herrera, who has had “Delilah” in my head for the last 24 hours. Just randomly I’ve been crooning, “Why, why WHYYYYY Delilah? Why, why WHYYYYY Delilah?” all damn day and that’s the only part I know, so that’s fun. Anyway, Captain & Maybelle, Monet and Lys Agnes. Do I even need to tell you who advances? Not if you were paying any kind of attention last night.

So it’s the SH’Boss boys, Professor Splash and Seth Grabel for the last spot. Well, the SH’Boss boys are cute, but they need to go home and y’all know how I feel about Prof. Splash. I didn’t love Seth’s trick last night (the Summerwind Skippers were much better than he was), but he has had decent stuff in the past, so I’m OK with him advancing.

Before the judges’ choice, we get to see Fighting Gravity, who have come a long way since last year (and that’s saying something), though they still have just a couple little mistakes where someone’s clothing flashes from the darkness when it isn’t supposed to. 

I will not be recapping the Smurf pimping.

But now! Stevie is back with “Edge of Seventeen,” wooo! Love it. I’ll get video of this too when it’s available. Sure, it’s not quite Stevie of 30 years ago, but it’s … 30 years later. She still sounds darn good.

Now the final results. The first act sent home are the SH’Boss boys, aww. They’re sad, but I’m glad the judges don’t have to break their little hearts (or God forbid, choose them to advance).

And in case anyone cares – “Prime Suspect” is awesome, watch it this fall.

OK, so judge time. Sharon votes for Seth, Howie votes for Splash and Piers votes for … PROFESSOR SPLASH?! ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?!

I actually gasped out loud and shouted, “WHAT????”

I am really surprised at that vote, especially after Landon Swank lost in the judges’ votes last week to Smage Bros. Are there any magicians left? Ugh. I am really disappointed with America and the judges. No SWS and no magicians, yet Professor Splash? Barf.

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