americas next top model angelia 1 cw 'America's Next Top Model': 6 questions for Angelia, who couldn't get the ball rolling

Someone has to be the first person to leave “America’s Next Top Model” and in Cycle 16, it was Pembroke Pines, Fla. native, Angelia.
In her short stay in the house, Tyra Banks made the 20-year-old marine biology major jump through several crazy hoops. First, she was made to believe she was leaving in a prank and then she was thrown inside a ball and made to walk the plank over water.
The judges sent her home, because they felt she like she wasn’t connecting with the camera and them. And while her photo was very pretty, it didn’t scream model to them. 
Still, there’s much we wanted to know about the events in the premiere, so Angelia took a moment to answer six questions.
1.) Did Tyra really fool you with her prank?
I was definitely fooled. All the girls were fooled. We thought that we were going home. I was picturing getting on the plane, leaving L.A. and going back to Florida.
At that point, I honestly was thinking I came here, I gave it my all and I wasn’t going to give up. I was going to come home and go right back into pursuing modeling.
2.) What was it like once you learned you weren’t going home?
An emotional rollercoaster. I couldn’t believe that they did that to us. I didn’t know how to react. I think I screamed and ran in place. 

americas next top model angelia 2 cw 'America's Next Top Model': 6 questions for Angelia, who couldn't get the ball rolling

3.) So, what happened to the other half of the girls who thought they made it?
I don’t know what happened to them. I know that they were obviously told they didn’t make it into the house. And I can’t imagine how that feels – being told that you did, but then you didn’t.
That was very cruel. I’m grateful that I was on the other side. My heart goes out to the girls who ended up going home.
4.) We thought your backstage photo was beautiful. Were you surprised the judges didn’t like it?
Thank you. I was surprised that they didn’t like it. In my opinion, I liked my photo. I think that’s a good picture of me. And the whole hair in my face, they could have chosen a photo where I didn’t have the hair in my face if they had a problem with that one. But, I think I did give emotion in my eyes and I know I do give emotion in my eyes. 
5.) The runway in a bubble looked pretty beautiful to watch, but what was it like actually doing it?
I would like everybody to try and walk in a bubble on a platform on water. It is difficult to get the ball going. It’s not like a hamster ball, it looks like a hamster ball, but it doesn’t get going. You really have to put stride on it for the ball to be rolling and for you to do the runway. And with the dress I had on, it was long, almost to my calf and I couldn’t stretch it to get the ball to roll, so I came out looking like I was marching. And it was hot in there.  
It was hectic. First of all, you can’t be in there for more than two minutes – the air will start closing in on you. So, that freaked the girls all out. And backstage, it’s just one after another, two girls are getting into the balls at the same time. And there’s a vacuum that they put in there that blows the air into the bubble while you’re in there and the confetti is going everywhere. It was definitely a different experience.
6.) Who are your top three for the win?
I feel Brittani has the look and she deserves it. And Molly definitely has the look. She has a diverse look. And Jaclyn, I love her. I hope she wins, because she’s so cute and innocent.
“America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.
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