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When Esther Petrack left “America’s Next Top Model,” she did so very similarly to how she competed: Quietly and without much drama.
“I’m going to go down the way I want to go down,” she tells Zap2it. “It’s part of the journey its part of who you are, so are your going to crumble during it or are you going to take it with pride, grace and with class?”
Ironically, that same attitude is probably what got her eliminated. Tyra Banks comes from the “Supermodel” era of modeling when they apparently scratched each other’s eyes out to get the job. And so to her and the judges, Esther’s lack of “showmanship” meant she didn’t want it bad enough.
Here are 5 questions for Esther, the girl who went down without a fight:
1.) You had a kosher diet. Did the show give you the means in which to be able to do that?
Yes they did. The producers, the cast, everyone, they were really great. They were all amazing. First of all, every girl has their allowance. And which she can spend it anyway shape or form she wants. I spent part of that on food. So, I spent part of it on a kosher pot that I could cook out of. I also spent part of it on plastic plates and forks and stuff like that, that I could eat off of, because when you eat kosher you also need kosher utensils and kosher cooking things and stuff like that. But they were really great about it. When other girls got catered at photo shoots, they would get me take out. Because it’s L.A., there are a lot of delicious kosher restaurants so I always got take off.
2.) Your other challenge would be that you have big bigger breasts than the typical model. Where there any challenges during wardrobe?
There were challenges during wardrobe. Every time they would have a bikini, and all the bikinis would have a triangle top. And I was like, ‘I’m sorry, it’s taken me years to find a bikini top that fits me and supports me, you’re not going to find one in 30 minutes.” It’s so funny they found a one piece [in the commercial challenge] that really was incredible. But, yeah, it definitely was a wardrobe challenge.

americas next top model esther zac posen 320 'America's Next Top Model': 5 questions for Esther, who went down without a fight

3.) That Zac Posen dress fit you so well. How much alteration did he have to do to get you in that? 
It came that way, because he looked at me and he put me in something else and then he was like, ‘No, this drowns you out.’ I don’t know why he put me in a coat afterwards, because the coat was definitely not good to my curves. But he was like, ‘This outfit that I had planned for you completely drowns out your figure. I’m going to look into my list of clothes and see what only you can wear.’ And so that dress he put on me, he tried it on someone else and he was like, ‘No that’s terrible, like that’s just awful.’ Then he put it on me and he was like, ‘Bingo, this is what we need.’ So they altered it a tiny bit just to make the back fit a little bit better. Make the straps a bit smaller. But yeah, it fit me. He was like, ‘You are the only one that could fit into this dress the way I want it to be fit in.’
4.) Your runway walk was interesting. When you were watching the show, did you feel that your runway walking needed some work?
Yes, I was like, ‘Oh, that is so unfortunate. I don’t know, I remember my walk being much better. I was kind of confused to be honest because they told me at the show that they really liked my walk. But yeah I saw that little shaky segment where I was like an epileptic.
5.) Who are your top three for the win right now and why.
Jane has been really improving. And I can kind of see her really coming into her own. She has a beautiful great look. She could do high fashion. She could do commercial. I think you could put money on Jane. I’m not sure about the rest. I think the rest could be anyone, because every girl has a very different strength. So I don’t know. Just wait and see right?
“America’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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