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We’re bothered with “America’s Next Top Model” right now. You’d think after the past 15 cycles, we would have learned that in modeling, as in life, things aren’t always fair. And good things happen to bad people and vice versa. But, we’re not sure tonight’s judging results should serve as a lesson for anyone.
If Tyra Banks hopes to create successful models who are also role models for girls, then she failed this week.
First of all, Alexandria makes our blood boil. In this episode, she terrorized the whole house, spoke to the makeover stylists like they work for her and she’s all around a horrible person to be around with when she isn’t happy. Hell, she’s pretty much horrible to be around with when she’s happy. In fact, we think there’s a reason guest judge, stylist Lori Goldstein, made it a point to bring up Alexandria’s diva attitude during the shoot several times. She wanted to make sure the judges knew what they had on their hands. And even though the panel universally loved Alexandria’s pictures, we don’t believe Lori would hire her for a job if given the choice. And isn’t the point of being a “Top Model” that you should be able to book work?
Now, we didn’t expect Tyra to eliminate Alexandria for her attitude. After all, this is a modeling competition. We did, however, expect Tyra to factor in Alexandria’s behavior in her decision, maybe call her second to give her an idea of what bad behavior can do to a career. Instead, she chose Alexandria as this week’s winner, which really takes away all meaning from her slap on Alexandria’s hand for her diva behavior. For shame, Ty-Ty.

americas next top model dominique cw 2 'America's Next Top Model': A victory for 'Heathers' everywhere

On the flip side, two of the most unique-looking girls found themselves in the bottom two. Sure, they both struggled in their shoots, but it’s very hard to be confident in your look when you have an appearance that’s so unique. Dominique and Sara are struggling with first realizing that they’re even model material and second, making their looks work on-camera. It takes time to figure that out when you haven’t seen images like yours in the media and compared to Alexandria, who sees her “Paris Hilton-type” look celebrated in all forms of media in our culture, it takes extra skill for people with unique looks to learn how to make them work. 
So, what message did Tyra send to her viewers this week? Traditionally pretty girls can behave badly and still be rewarded. And those of you who don’t have traditionally pretty looks? You aren’t allowed to be insecure, because you should forget every message you’ve heard your whole life and catch up to the pretty girls already. And that, our friends, is why we’re so bothered by this week’s “Top Model.” Please excuse us while we pack up our baggage.
Do you think Alexandria should have been penalized for her bad behavior? Are you sad to see that the two most unique looking girls found themselves in the bottom two and that Dominique went home? Sound off below!
Posted by:Jethro Nededog