antm all star left out 'America's Next Top Model' All Stars: Who's missing?“America’s Next Top Model” kicks off its first all-star edition Wednesday night (Sept. 14). Almost every past cycle is represented, but for the few that aren’t – which models would we have liked to see included?

Cycle 3: Norelle

Norelle in fifth place
during Cycle 3, a season with a lot of — dare we say it — “fierce”
competition. True, no one could compare with Eva “The Diva,” the bad
skin (and bad attitude) of YaYa or the hard luck story of “I’m going to
be completely blind by 30!” Amanda. Which is why she deserves another go
around. Her braces are long gone and we while the big-eyed “kawaii”
look was a niche back then, it’s a full-fledged fashion trend now.

Cycle 6: Joanie

Joanie, Joanie, Joanie.
Unlike Cycle 6 winner Danielle, you didn’t resist when Tyra sent you the
the dentist to get your snaggle tooth fixed. In fact, you couldn’t jump
in that chair fast enough. You also got first picture for five weeks.
We’re still fairly sure Dani won because of the dedication she showed
climbing up on that elephant even though she was sick as a dog. Sure,
you’re 30 now, but “Top Model” is all about suspension of disbelief.

Cycle 7:  Amanda and Michelle

These identical twins were definitely some of the most interesting looking contestants in ANTM history – androgynous, very thin and not conventionally pretty. Which of course made for excellent pictures. But their being identical also made for one of the greatest picture ideas we’ve ever seen – the creepy conjoined twins at the circus. We would’ve loved to see them return.

Cycle 8: Natasha

A mail-order bride who was wed to a man in his 40s when she was only 18? Just the kind of crazy backstory ANTM is famous for (and part of why we love this show!). Natasha was also consistent – she only got top photo once, but she made it the final two. Would’ve been a fun addition to the pack.

“America’s Next Top Model” all-star Cycle 17 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 9 p.m. ET on the CW. Who do you think should have been included? 

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