antm lisa salad bowl 'America's Next Top Model': Greece is the wordThe “America’s Next Top Model” girls head to Greece, to be part of a Greek salad for their photoshoot. Yes, really.

Greece is the Word

The girls find out it’s time to head to Greece. Before they leave, Lisa makes some snotty comments about Allison and how she (Lisa) is more the whole package. You’re just mad you got beat at the music video contest, Lisa.

They have a challenge on the flight to Crete where they have to prepare a one-minute speech that includes a bunch of Greek words. No huge surprise that Angelea thinks she’ll just wing it. Because if it’s memorized it won’t have her flavor or something.

Allison rocks it and wins the challenge. Most of the girls really biff it. Poor Laura is so awkward and hardly uses any Greek. She’s hilarious. Angelea hardly uses any Greek and then makes a bathroom joke. Oh lordy.

Designer Activity

The girls get to work with Michael Cinco to design their own gowns for the final runway. The theme is “eternal goddess.” That’s awesome.

The girls start describing their gowns to Michael. Angelea goes with Grace Jones (a very eclectic Jamaican R&B artist); Laura goes animal husbandry; Allison wants dark and romantic; Lisa likes twinkle lights, which Michael straight-up calls tacky. That’s Lisa; Dominique goes kinda skanky, wanting something dangling in her crotch area; Shannon wants sexy but conservative. Any surprises there? No.


The girls are modeling underwear in a Greek salad. Shannon is all conflicted because she doesn’t pose in underwear. Except it totally looks like a swimsuit, so what do you want to bet if they called it something else, she’d be fine.

In this season’s continuing tradition of the weirdest photoshoots EVER, the women are in a bowl with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, oil, etc. and being told to “work” their salads. Dominique gets super into it.

Jay and Shannon get into over the whole swimsuit/underwear debate. Seriously, she is bonkers. If you’re going to have these standards, at least make them real and not over semantics.

Angelea is kinda blah. Jay says she lacks “core strength,” which is his way of talking about her poochy tummy without actually talking about it.

Allison gets super weird talking about stepping on organs when she gets into the bowl. She also is struggling with her vampire vision – the bright sun makes her cry. I’ve actually experienced that, it’s hard to deal with and very painful.

Lisa hams it up with the olive oil, while poor sick Laura is really struggling, but pulls it out, actually pouring olive oil down her face. Yikes. And Shannon just doesn’t do it.

Judges Panel

Allison’s eyes are closed in her picture, but it looks like it’s on purpose, like she’s relaxing in the sun. Angelea is all stretched out and being photographed from directly above, it’s very nice. Lisa’s picture is from profile and it’s very strong, she looks gorgeous.

Shannon doesn’t have a picture, so she just says she decided a long time ago not to pose in lingerie. Nigel points out that it’s semantics and not the amount of skin she’s showing. Uh huh. Exactly.

Dominique’s shot is not my favorite. Her face is nice, but her body is cramped and shortened up. The judges love it, so it must just be me. Laura’s photo is awkward and kind of ugly, but very erotic. Not in a good way, though. I’m not a fan.


I feel like best picture goes to … Lisa? Not sure this week, but that was my favorite. And I think Shannon goes home, because her “stance” is really kind of flaky. Dominique gets best photo, followed by Allison, Angeles and Lisa. So it’s Laura and Shannon. I think Shannon is way more model-y than Laura, but I think Laura actually photographs better.

And then … Laura stays. Good stuff. See ya, boring Shannon.

Next week: Critiquing each other, woo!

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