antm kris jenner 'America's Next Top Model': Kris, Kendall, Kylie Jenner help the creepiest photoshoot everThis week on “America’s Next Top Model,” Kris Jenner from “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and her Wednesday Addams daughters Kendall and Kylie are there to … well, it’s kind of unclear why they are there. It’s also hard to tell if the models are really excited to see these “celebrities” or if there are some off-camera production assistants just prodding them with hot pokers.


But first! Makeovers! Clap hands, squeal with glee. Seriously, though, we love the makeovers. We can’t wait to see who breaks down in hysterics. Alisha then actually says they don’t have Native Americans in England. Is she being serious? Does she mean some kind of indigenous people? Or actual Native Americans?! Because – wow.

We find out these aren’t makeovers, they’re SHAKEOVERS. Awesome. Everyone’s hair is going to be LSD bonkers. And … Louise is our first freak-out. She’s getting a beige blunt cut and totally loses her mind – um, they could be shaving your head, lady. Suck it up.

Catherine’s magenta hair is hot, super awesome shakeover. Then we see a bunch that are really boring and not shaking things up at all. But Mariah’s heavy bangs look great, really sexy. Eboni cries about getting burned in the face with a curling iron, which is kind of hilarious. You’d think she lost an eye.

Meanwhile, Louise’s more natural color and shorter cut looks beautiful and she’s still being a total witch about it. She’s moaning about having dark hair and everybody’s really sick of her attitude. And of course, she looks gorgeous.

There’s a weird segment where they have to eat foods from the opposite country. It’s dumb. Oh, look at the funny stuff we all eat! The Americans “win,” we guess.


Kris Jenner comes out and everybody loses their minds. And then they find out they’re posing as toddlers, which is gross and creepy. Ugh, this is the worst photoshoot ever. Some of the models are sitting on Kris Jenner’s lap.

They also have to once again pose in pairs, one UK and one US. The hoochiness really comes out with some of them, plus Kris Jenner’s boobs should apparently have their own photoshoot.

Seriously, this is so disturbing.

Judging and Elimination

The photos are all super-disturbing. We actually like Kyle/Mariah, but the judges seem to not like their photo. The Catherine/Sophie/Laura picture is pretty awesome. The worst photo is definitely Seymone and Annaliese’s picture. Blech. Can they both go home?

The Bottom 2 end up being Mariah and Seymone, with Mariah going home. Seymone had best photo in week one, so she gets a pass. See ya, Mariah.

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