It has been 15 cycles and Tyra Banks knows what “America’s Next Top Model” fans are expecting in the upcoming Cycle 16 premiering Wednesday, Feb. 23 on The CW. 
So, she created the hilarious preview clip above parodying three model types we’ve gotten used to over the years: The ditz, the diva, and the girl who’s above all this. 
The thing is we do know what to expect, which is why we keep tuning in to the show. There’s always going to be some wacky theme like “outer space” or “the future.” Our personal fave? Cycle 14’s spoof on social networking. Tyra introduced “,” remember? 
For a little while, the show tried to throw us with themes like the “petite” cycle and last cycle’s “high fashion” turn. But, in the end they all really come out looking like the same show we know and love. And guess what? If it ain’t broke, Miss Tyra!
See which model stereotype pops up this season on another new promo below:

Ah, stay cray, Tyra!
Posted by:Jethro Nededog