tyra banks antm 15 320 'America's Next Top Model' recap: Calling All AngelsIt’s “America’s Next Top Model” makeover time! Tyra visits the girls to give them clues about their new looks and also walk like they did in 1991. The girls have an evening to mull things over, and Lexie, Ann and Rhianna take advantage of the situation by creating a fake list of makeovers. On the list, Lexie gives herself a strawberry blonde Afro and cries a lot about it to enhance the trickery. Several of the others seem suckered in, and consequently puzzled by their actual makeovers at the Fred Segal salon the next day.

At the salon, Ann gets long, copper-colored extensions, which make her look even bigger. In a good way. Liz gets a super-short cut and has kind of an attitude about it. Chelsey goes ice blonde, and also gets a teeth makeover via a gap-widening procedure. Sarah gets chocolate-colored hair and bleached-out eyebrows, which looks totally whack. In a bad way. Kendal looks gorgeous with a long, straight weave. Kayla gets bright red Ronald McDonald hair, fashioned in a ’70s Dorothy Hamill mullet. She loves it, and it actually ends up looking kind of great. Terra gets a short cut that’s actually very cute, but she hates it and cries. Chris gets long, curly waves, while Esther goes darker, straighter and longer and still has giant boobs. Jane gets lighter extensions, Rhianna gets very long extensions, Kacey looks more or less the same but gets contacts, and Lexie goes a bit darker and longer.

The Jays reveal that there’s going to be a surprise post-makeover elimination. The complainers — Liz and Terra — as well as the ones who didn’t work it so well — Lexie and Sara — are on the block. It’s Terra who ends up getting the boot, with hair that she hates. Chris and Terra cry and cry and it’s clear that the Jays could not give two s***s.

For this week’s photo shoot, the girls are photographed as angels falling from the sky. A rig, harness and male model are involved. Each girl must pick an emotion to convey. Esther chooses “fearless,” and while her photo doesn’t turn out so well, she gets the line of the episode by saying that her male model looks like a sexy Jesus. Liz continues her streak of complaining, which endears her to no one. Despite her lesbian ways, Kayla works just fine with the male model. Kacey flirts like mad with her male model, and also almost grabs his package like 100 times. Kendal chooses “desire” for her emotion, which is extremely ironic given her aversion to man parts and fluids. Ann hasn’t had “much experience with dudes,” but gives it her all, and Lexie puts her dirty feet all over her companion male model. The photographer is totally like, “She really shouldn’t be a model.”

Overall, the pictures are pretty bad. Tyra commends Kayla, Chelsey, Chris and Ann for being the best of the bunch, and announces that Ann has the best photo for the second week in a row! Lexie and Sara wind up in the bottom two, and it’s Sara who gets sent back to a son who won’t even recognize her post-makeover.

Photo credit: The CW

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