antm cycle 16 'America's Next Top Model' recap: Sticks in the MudThe girls head home after panel to find Tyra awaiting them to talk about modeling archetypes and dealing with fans. First, Tyra breaks some famous models into categories such as sex bomb, girl next door, edgy and couture, and then the remaining contestants categorize themselves. Kasia and Mikaela are couture bombshells, Jaclyn is the girl next door, Monique is a bombshell, Alexandria is an edgy bombshell, and Brittani is couture. Molly is a weave of the damned bombshell. Tyra then talks to the girl about fame, and how close they plan to let their public get to them. She talks about the importance of boundaries — like not letting people take pictures of you while you’re eating! — and then has the girls practice their autographs. Tyra also talks about how to develop thick skin so your feelings don’t get too hurt when you read recaps. The world throws roses and darts. And every rose has its dart. Or something.

Molly gets her weave out, and then the girls head to their challenge — a “meet the cast” thing where people on the street can talk to the models and get autographed pictures. Monique is a total b****face the whole time, and when a creepy guy approaches her and asks for a kiss, she sends him to Alexandria. She kisses him on the cheek, which Miss J. tells her is a big no-no unless you enjoy having stalkers. Chatty Kasia wins the challenge, and she picks Jaclyn and Brittani to accompany her on a private fancy dinner with Miss J. The non-winners have to stick around and clean up the mess left by the fans. Monique is a total b**** about that, too. Back at the house, she notes that she’s on edge and might be heading toward a nervous breakdown

For the photo shoot this week, the girls are covered in mud and must pose artistically in groups of four — blondes versus brunettes. In the blonde group, Molly and Hannah own the shot while Alexandria and Kasia aren’t connecting, according to Mr. Jay. Furthermore, Alexandria starts to direct a little bit again, and when Miss J. calls her on it she freaks out that he might mention it to panel. When will she learn to just keep her trap closed for like ten minutes? In the brunette group, Brittani looks so fab that the photographer takes an individual shot of her. Mikaela has some hits and some misses, and continues to fall prey to dead eyes.

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