americas next top model alexandria cw 320 'America's Next Top Model' recap: Woman WarriorsThe girls head home after panel to find bags containing Warriors in Pink clothing to benefit Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, which is also sponsored by Ford. They each choose a Warriors in Pink-adjacent symbol and have to style their hair, makeup and set for a photo challenge shot by Nigel Barker. Jaclyn is a warrior, replete with boxing gloves, Kasia is a heart, Mikaela is war paint, and Molly is angel wings. Hannah is a spiral and basically shoots the box cover for a Get in Shape Girl accessory. Brittani is a dove with a bonsai tree and admits to not being a thinker while posing, which is her first bad call of the day. Alexandria is a tree of love, and for some reason dresses herself like a Von Trapp. Despite this fact, and to the great chagrin of all of the other girls, Alexandria wins the challenge. Not only does she get to pose for a Ford Warriors in Pink print ad (and commercial, which we see along with a Ford Focus commercial in which Nigel HAS HAIR!! HORRORS!), but Nigel introduces her co-star — a new 2012 Ford Focus that she also gets to keep. The other girls are rip sh** about it, as you can imagine.

Backstage, Brittani talks copious sh** about Alexandria and says that Nigel picked the ugliest person there to win the challenge. Alexandria is like, “Um, I can hear you,” and Brittani gets super-trailer-park on her as a fascinated Nigel watches. This is not good. Alexandria manages to more or less maintain her cool, while Brittani does not. Back at home, the girls debate whether to give Alexandria sh** or the silent treatment, and opt for the latter. An isolated Alexandria is at first sad, but then calls herself an alpha lioness and loses any viewer sympathy she’s managed to garner over the past 20 minutes.

For the week’s photo shoot, the girls are crazy for fashion at Universal Studios, with the Bates Motel in the background of their shots. They’re each crazy for a specific element of fashion, and are styled by Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman, who is also their guest judge. Molly is crazy for accessories, and while she starts off awkwardly she manages to work it out. Hannah is crazy for handbags, and while Jay thinks it’s a hot mess the judges like her picture well enough. Kasia is crazy for hair and looks totally deranged, while Alexandria is kind of dull as she is crazy for faux fur.

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