americas next top model anamaria 320 'America's Next Top Model': There is such a thing as too skinny

Hollywood folks love to joke that one can never be too skinny. But in tonight’s (Sept. 19) episode of “America’s Next Top Model,” the fashion world would seem to differ.
What’s ironic is that many of the headlines leading up to Cycle 15 revolved around Ann, the 6-foot, 2-inch model that was featured in early promos in which Miss J. Alexander wrapped his hands around her waist. The media jumped on it and fans were horrified by the flagrant parading of what they perceived was a bad example for women and girls. In the end, Tyra Banks apologized and pulled the promo.

americas next top model ann 320 'America's Next Top Model': There is such a thing as too skinny

Meanwhile, we had AnaMaria whose haughty attitude and backhanded comments never quite made the promos. Then, as we actually got to view the show, we realized that this is the girl who is a bad example for women. 
AnaMaria was the one who believed that she needed to eat a very strict low-calorie diet even with her bones showing through her skin and her mother’s pleas to gain weight. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, she was not a very nice person.
Upon further viewing, we met the other model Ann’s family – all of whom are above 6 feet tall, have metabolisms that allow them to eat anything and who made it clear those were the genetic cards she was dealt. She’s also a pretty nice girl, if not a bit awkward, who suffered through teen bullying for something she couldn’t control.
In the end, Ann won the first competition. And Tyra (a former model), Andre Leon Talley (a fashion magazine editor) and Diane von Furstenberg (a celebrated fashion designer) made their point loud and clear. Beauty is health and AnaMaria was not going to be a high-fashion model on their watch.
So, all you folks who were so quick to jump all over Tyra and “ANTM” about Ann, don’t you think you owe them an apology?

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