americas next top model cycle 15 320 'America's Next Top Model': Zap2it's 3 least favorite of Cycle 15

Last week, we told you which three girls were the ones to watch in Cycle 15 of “America’s Next Top Model.” Now, it’s time for the bad news: Our 3 least favorite contestants.
Sure, all we’ve had to make our decision is one video, but first impressions matter in the modeling business. Think of it as our own go-see competition.
Do remember that the show has made it abundantly clear that it’s going “high fashion” this cycle, so that played into our decision process. But let’s be honest, when you’ve been watching the show as long as we have, we know what Tyra Banks’ pet peeves are. So, that also factored into our decisions.
On first impressions, here are our three least favorite contestants currently:
Anamaria, 19, from Queens, New York
We think AnaMaria has the look for a high fashion model, but she’s just a little too sure of herself. OK, so confidence is a good thing. The problem here is she already believes her modeling experience is the bomb. And, as any fan knows, Tyra, Miss J. Alexander and Mr. Jay Manuel would rather shape a girl than have to help her forget all the bad modeling lessons she has already been taught.

Jane, 19, from Baltimore, Maryland
Jane seems sweet, if not a bit clueless. High fashion models aren’t she-jocks, yet she believes her look is definitely “odd.” We think she looks like a Noxzema girl and the judging panel will probably decide she’s, gasp, too commercial. And that is the death knell in “ANTM.”

Chris, 20, from Arlington, TX
Oooh, girl. Those braids have got to go and we’re sure they will once Tyra gets a hold of them. We get the feeling Chris already thinks she’s the cat’s meow and will probably resist efforts to make her more high fashion. She seems to have a good relationship with her mother, so maybe she won’t talk back to the panel when they tell her she’ll need some major work. She’s here competing against her sister, Terra, who seems a lot more down to earth and malleable. 

Do you agree with our bottom three? 

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Photo / Video Credit: The CW

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