antm nicole fox after her win 'America's Next Top Model's' petite champ Nicole Fox on life after Tyra Banks

With the new cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” premiering tonight (Sept. 8), we decided to check out what the winners have been up to since their win. And we were able to catch up with Cycle 13’s petite winner, Nicole Fox, to find out how life changed after her win.
“It was kind of bizarre, because nothing did change after that,” Fox tells Zap2it exclusively. “It was like two weeks of publicity, then I flew back home and it was as if nothing ever happened.”
The “Top Model” judges always say that the women have to really want a modeling career. And while she’s appreciative of what the show has done for her, the Louisville, Colorado native found that they were right and she was basically on her own.
“If this was something I wanted to go after, I was going to have to push for it,” she says. “There was nobody calling my phone or telling me to hop on a plane or something like that.”
She continues, “If I would have sat around waiting for a phone call, I would still be in Colorado doing nothing.”
Even though she signed with Wilhelmina Models after her win, Fox said there was nothing they could do for her if she wasn’t in New York or Los Angeles. So, she bought herself airplane tickets to both cities and then let the agency know where she was, so they can send her on castings.

antm nicole fox after her win 3 'America's Next Top Model's' petite champ Nicole Fox on life after Tyra Banks

Then, it was time to hit the streets. While the show is notorious for its harsh go-see challenges, Nicole says the real world of casting calls is a bit different.
“I’ve gone on a hundred castings and maybe only booked one,” she tells us. “Many models would tell you the same thing. I would say it’s similar, but it’s kind of a condensed reality what they have on the show.”
Currently calling L.A. her home, Fox has landed campaigns with Wild Fox, in which she appeared on an L.A. billboard, and she has a new campaign with Cover Girl that has yet to roll out. That’s big, because while a Cover Girl campaign is part of the winners’ spoils, very few have their contract renewed. Danielle (now known as Dani) from Cycle 6 is one of the few who have gone on to work for the company beyond her contract. Fox also just shot a campaign for Nicole Richie’s new clothing line, Winter Kate. 
Despite her recent success, Fox says she still hasn’t landed the job that has made her feel like she has really “made it.” And, it’s possible that job may never come.
“I don’t feel secure,” she says. “I don’t think anybody does in this industry. From what I’ve seen, even big stars are constantly worrying.”
So, as Cycle 15 rolls out, we asked Fox if she had any advice for the new gals from the real world of modeling.
“You have to be so humble. That’s the biggest thing,” she says. “I think people have a negative idea of those who have competed on a reality show. They think people have big egos from it. And now that I’m in L.A., I see it all the time. People who think they’re somebody, because they were on a reality TV show. And it really turns people off. So, humility is No. 1.” 

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Photo Credit: Nicole Fox

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