amy robach people breast cancer Amy Robach opens up about breast cancer, surgeries, and hopes for the future

When “Good Morning America” correspondent Amy Robach was diagnosed with breast cancer following an on-air mammogram, that was only the beginning of her story.
In the latest issue of People, Robach details finding out about her breast cancer and the things she later learned. Amy says that upon learning from her doctor that he tumor that was discovered was malignant, she “burst into tears.” She tells the magazine the ordeal played out “like a scene from the movie,” as her husband, Andrew Shue, was away on business, but on the phone call with her and the doctor, who asked, “Mr. Shue, are you driving?”
Robach underwent a double mastectomy and has already returned to work in the “GMA” studio, though her treatment isn’t complete. Amy was also informed by her doctor that cancer had appeared in her lymph nodes, with Radar Online noting that she had 13 of them removed in another surgery. “That was the most pain. The breast surgery was painful, but there was nothing like the pain that my arm felt,” she tells People. She also plans to undergo chemotherapy.
As for now, Robach is focusing on the future. “I want to be at my daughters’ graduations. I want to be at their weddings. I want to hold my grandchildren,” she says, with her doctor telling her that the prognosis is good.

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