amy schumer jerry lewis gi Amy Schumer won't let Jerry Lewis make a joke of herIf “Inside Amy Schumer” has taught viewers anything, it’s that comedian Amy Schumer has no problem hiding her opinions and she’s proud of it. In a new interview with GQ, she even takes aim at legendary comedian Jerry Lewis, who’s had some less than nice things to say about females in comedy.

When asked in May 2013 about his thoughts on female comedians like Melissa McCarthy and Sarah Silverman, Lewis answered, “I cannot sit and watch a lady diminish her qualities to the lowest common denominator.” That seemed out the window when Schumer took part in his Friar’s Club Roast, though. After Lewis greeted a female comedian who was roasting him by miming sex, it was Schumer’s turn at bat.
“He came up, and we hugged each other, and then he started pushing me back, trying to lay me down on the stage,” she recalls in the interview. Schumer wasn’t having any of it though: “So I buckled down and used my knees to stay in place, and he was in my ear saying, ‘Lay down.’ I whispered ‘No’ in his ear. Even after I said no, he was still trying. I had to use my core to stay up — he’s a strong motherf***er.”
Finally, Lewis gave up and Schumer left the stage victorious. “I’m not going to be the girl who gets f***ed after her set,” she jokes. “Sorry, Jerry Lewis.”

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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