alec baldwin shut up gi An open letter to Alec Baldwin: Please shut upDear Alec Baldwin,

We don’t want to set you off or anything, buddy, because we know you’ve got that temper of yours, but do you think that maybe — and just hear us out on this — maybe you could just shut up?

We used to like you, Alec. A lot. As Jack Donaghy on “30 Rock,” you engendered yourself plenty of public goodwill. And then you had to go and open your mouth. Repeatedly.

First, there was that outburst on the plane over your Words With Friends play. (Seriously, dude?) Then there was the homophobic Twitter rant against that Daily Mail journalist, which you followed up with your equally homophobic outburst at a member of the paparazzi who got too close to your wife and newborn. (That’s not to mention that early freakout on your daughter Ireland’s voicemail, which was once written off as a heat-of-the-moment angry parent thing, but now feels more like part of a larger problem.)

After both of your anti-gay incidents, you attempted to explain away your ugly actions by claiming you didn’t mean the words you used in an anti-gay way, even trying to pretend you didn’t know the words were anti-gay, which, like, whatever. Just so we’re clear, Alec — no one uses the phrase “c***-sucking f**” as an insult, but not in a homophobic way. No one.

But your appearance at a major technology conference in San Francisco on Wednesday (Nov. 20), where you thought jokingly professing your love for a man was a good idea to ease the tension surrounding your behavior, might have been the tipping point. Because nothing’s better than turning a series of hateful, angry incidents into a joke, har-har.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, Alec, but an apology doesn’t really amount to much if the behavior behind the offending incident just continues ad nauseam. So, do us all a favor: Get into some anger management classes and, in the meantime, keep your mouth shut.

Posted by:Billy Nilles