orphan black season 2 delphine art mrs s paul donnie An 'Orphan Black' primer: Meet Felix, Mrs. S., Paul and the other key playersWith “Orphan Black’s” second season premiering on Saturday (April 19), here is a dossier to catch you up on every important development from Season 1 in time for the new episodes. (Or, if you’re a sane person who’s already seen the show, remind you of the characters, philosophies and key players in the Clone Club before the new season begins.)

You’ve already met the clones, now meet the other key players in the “Orphan Black” world.

The Other Players

Sarah’s foster brother is her main confidant — and the only non-clone to know about Clone Club. He and Sarah were raised together and moved to Canada with their foster mother as kids. The flamboyant personality is a painter, lothario, sometime-drug dealer and becomes a friend to all the clones — especially Alison.

Mrs. S.
Sarah and Felix’s foster mother, Siobhan Sadler, raised the two in England before moving to Canada. She’s been caring for Sarah’s daughter, Kira, while Sarah was away. But Mrs. S. isn’t just a caretaker — she’s not who she says she is. It turns out she was in on the conspiracy too, though in what capacity we do not know just yet.

Sarah’s daughter is the only biological child of a clone, and Sarah is the only clone who was able to conceive. Kira healed very quickly after being hit by a car, which suggests that perhaps the children of clones may somehow have superior genes.

Ah, Hot Paul. He was Beth’s boyfriend, then he was Sarah’s hookup buddy (once he learned the truth about her identity). But it turns out Paul has known more about the clone thing than he let on, since he was actually Beth’s Monitor. The Monitors are people tasked to observe the clones and surreptitiously submit them to medical tests.

Sarah’s ex-boyfriend originally began searching for her because she stole cocaine from him (which she intended to sell for money to afford the ability to take Kira away and start a new life), but then became entangled in the clone conspiracy when he accidentally stumbled upon Alison, Paul and the rest of the gang.

Alison’s husband is also her Monitor — though he did such a great job of denying it when Alison suspected and tortured him that she then moved on to obsessing that her neighbor was the one.

Alison suspected that her neighbor and friend was her Monitor — and later did not intervene when Aynsley’s scarf got caught in the garbage disposal and she was strangled to death. Alison didn’t technically kill her, but she definitely could’ve prevented her death.

A classmate of Cosima’s, Delphie also turned into the dreadlocked clone’s love interest — and turned out to be her Monitor. But, much like Paul, Delphine’s allegiance gradually shifted throughout the season. She and Cosima seem to not only be in a committed relationship, and also seem to be on the same side: Team Clone Club.

Dr. Leekie
Aldous Leekie is a scientist and proponent of the “Orphan Black”-created Neolutionist movement. He runs the Dyad Institute, a research organization dedicated to the Neolutionism philosophy of self-guided evolution. He’s not the highest-up in the organization, but he is very powerful.

Beth’s cop partner realized there was something fishy going on when Sarah arrived, but took a while — and Sarah’s own confession — to realize that Beth wasn’t really Beth. He knows about the clones, but doesn’t actually know they’re clones. He’s a good guy, in that he’s only after the truth.

Art’s new partner is much more skeptical of Sarah and the other clones, and is determined to push forward in the investigation even when Art wants to back off. She doesn’t trust (or have an affinity for) any of the women.

The religious fanatic who raised Helena and ordered her to kill the other clones.

Maggie Chen
The woman Beth killed, who turned out to be a Prolethian who went undercover in the Neolutionist organization.

The South African woman who gave birth to Sarah and Helena — who was murdered by Helena just as she was about to tell Sarah a secret about Mrs. S. and her ties to the Dyad and the LEDA experiment. Amelia was originally contracted to be a surrogate for two wealthy Londoners, but ran away when she became suspicious. She sent Sarah to be a ward of the state, while Helena was sent to be a ward of the church. That’s why neither Sarah nor Helena had monitors from the Dyad Institute.

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