orphan black season 2 neolutionists dyad rachel dr leekie paul An 'Orphan Black' primer: The Neolutionists vs. The ProlethiansThere are two opposing forces at work in BBC America’s sci-fi thriller “Orphan Black”: science and religion. While we’ve learned a bit about Neolutionism, the science at work in the “OB” world, Season 2 will delve deeper into the world of the Prolethians.

Before the Season 2 premiere, here’s a refresher on the most important takeaways from Season 1. We already revisited the clones and the other key players, now let’s investigate the Neolutionists, the Prolethians and more of the philosophies at work.

The Philosophies

The proponents of this Dr. Leekie-led pop science community believe in self-guided evolution. They’re seemingly the ones behind the clone conspiracy, although it’s just as likely they’re a pawn in a larger conspiracy.

The Dyad Institute
The research organization run by Dr. Leekie employs scientists — including Delphine — to study the clones, evolution, biology, and other assorted science-y stuff.

This religious sect is anti-Neolutionism. Helena’s handler, Tomas, was a member of the organization, and ordered her to kill her fellow clones. The Prolethians believe the evolutionary science practiced by the Neolutionists is an abomination.

Project LEDA
Toward the end of the season, Sarah’s birth mother gave her photograph of two young scientists in a lab. The only information not blacked out on the back was a 1977 date and the phrase “Project LEDA.” Before Amelia died, she told Sarah that Mrs. S. wasn’t who she said she was. Could Mrs. S. have been one of those scientists? And furthermore, could Mrs. S. have also been one of the London scientists who posed as a couple to hire Amelia to be their surrogate?

Posted by:Jean Bentley